NBA 2K21: 10 Best Mods, Ranked

Sports games have consistently proven to be all the rage in modern times, with scores of players ardently waiting for the annual release of their favorite sports games in order to stay up-to-date with the recent titles and compete against their friends for virtual glory. The NBA 2K series is no exception to this, serving as one of the biggest video game franchises around that is still going strong to this day.

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One need only look at the sheer number of mods that are around for NBA 2K21 to understand why this is the case, with some of these mods becoming downright mandatory to enjoy NBA 2K21 to its fullest. Here are ten such mods that any fan of the latest game in the NBA 2K series should definitely check out.

10 NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Realism ReShade Simulation

NBA 2K21 Screenshot

The first mod that most players with high-end systems would seek out for NBA 2K21 is undoubtedly a graphic mod, and these players won’t have any shortage to choose from one of the many mods available to enhance the already-stellar graphics of this title.

However, a mod that stands out from the rest of the pack in terms of guaranteeing amazing visual fidelity is undoubtedly the NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Realism ReShade Simulation mod, which ends up turning NBA 2K21 into an experience that almost makes it seem like a real-life game!

9 NBA 2K21 SlamDunk Roster Mod

Slam Dunk mod for NBA 2K21

Slam Dunk is easily one of the most popular basketball-themed anime around, and it was only a give that fans of NBA 2K21 would let this squad be a part of their virtual battles as well.

This is exactly what the NBA 2K21 SlamDunk Roster Mod — it adds the characters of this beloved anime into the roster of NBA 2K21, allowing players to duke it out in an all-out basketball contest as they strive to recreate the events of the anime in the game.

8 2K21 Missing Players CF

damian lillard nba 2k21 celebration

While the roster of players in NBA 2K21 might be quite impressive, there are still a number of familiar faces missing from this game due to a lack of rights. Of course, modders aren’t hampered by such limitations, which is great news for players who want their NBA 2K21 rosters to be as accurate as possible.

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The 2K21 Missing Players CF mod integrates the cyber faces of several missing players into the game, allowing gamers to control players like Dakota Mathias, Isaiah Joe, Jaylen Adams, and Sam Merrill, to name a few.

7 Cyberface Mixer

NBA 2k21 Buddy Hield shooting

The Cyberface Mixer is a tool mostly meant to muck around with the game’s mechanics, and nothing else. It serves as a way for players to combine the faces of two or more players to create anything from surprisingly original characters to absolutely horrific monstrosities.

Regardless of what the end result may be, there’s no denying the fact that the Cyberface Mixer will allow for hours upon hours of entertainment in a game that is already jam-packed with content.

6 FLS MyCareer Modifier

nba 2k21 best fishing badges

The MyCareer mode of NBA 2K21 might be quite entertaining to play through, but there would still be a certain subsection of players who would want greater control over the events of this mode regardless.

This is exactly what can be accomplished with the FLS MyCareer Modifier for NBA 2K21, which allows players to customize and tweak a massive set of options to make MyCareer as personalized as can be.

5 2K21 KappaLambda’s Cheat Engine Table

devin booker shooting 2k21

Of course, no list detailing out mods for a sports game would be complete without a cheat engine that could ensure that players can have full control over the gameplay of 2K21 and the various metrics — both hidden and otherwise — that lie within.

The 2K21 KappaLambda’s Cheat Engine Table is a godsend for players who were seeking out such a cheat engine to mess around with the mechanics of NBA 2K21.

4 NBA2K21 Tools (Roster Editor)

NBA 2K21 Screenshot

Easily one of the most in-demand mods for any NBA 2K game is a Roster Editor that allows players to edit field in the game’s roster and tweak them as per their preferences.

This means that gamers who have a soft spot for a certain player can completely max out their stats in order to have the most fun possible without having to be dragged down by any annoying limitations.

3 NBA 2K21 Retro Court Mods

nba 2k21 arcade edition

Another form of mods that are all the rage among players of NBA 2K21 are the various court mods that allow gamers to play on the turf of their choice. Some of the most popular courts in this regard aren’t even from this year — rather, they’re legendary courts that have played a huge role in the history of the NBA in the past few years.

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One need only head over to this site and peruse the massive selection of classic and retro courts that players can add to their copy of NBA 2K21.

2 NBA Bubble Court Pack PLUS

Bubble Court mod for NBA 2K21

With the advent of social distancing, the concept of Bubble Courts became the norm — basically, courts that have been elongated to increase opportunities for social distancing while playing the game.

Using these courts in NBA 2K21 can certainly add to the realism of the experience and allow players to experience the phase that the NBA went through during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

1 Kobe-Themed Custom Court

Dribbling In Game

The Black Mamba was one of the most celebrated sports athletes of all time, and he’s still sorely missed to this day. The basketball world is still reeling from the loss of one of the legends of the game to this day.

This Kobe-Themed custom court can serve as a nice little personal tribute to one of the greats, with the court being designed with Kobe at the heart and soul of it. It would be great if the real world followed suit and also created a court to pay their respects to one of the greatest basketballers to ever grace the sport.

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