NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 Packs Hit MyTeam With Invincible Michael Jordan Card

The player many people still consider greatest of all time has returned in the NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 packs for MyTeam. Michael “Air” Jordan gets yet another card released for the 2K mode, this time a Dark Matter Invincible card which allows him to play at the point guard spot. As fans know, Jordan was well known for bringing the ball up court and running plays from time to time, making this an ideal MyTeam item.

Along with MJ, other new OOP 3 cards have arrived, including Magic Johnson, Lamar Odom, and Andrei Kirilenko. Each of these allows the players to play in other positions on MyTeam rosters.

Michael Jordan’s Invincible card leads NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 packs

Michael Jordan is known as a legendary shooting guard, but also displayed plenty of other skills on the hardwood. That included sometimes running the offense as a point guard, which his NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 card will include.

It’s his third 99 overall item released for MyTeam but first card that allows him to go into the PG slot. Previous cards included his All-Stars Pantheon card and Golden Age item. With this new card, he gets the best attributes with one glaring exception. His outside shooting is 99 overall here. Jordan also gets 98 Playmaking, 99 Athleticism, 99 Defense, and 97 Rebounding.

Another legend of the court, Earvin “Magic” Johnson is also part of this release. He’s typically a point guard, but gets to play in the center slot with this NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 Invincible card. Magic’s new item features 63 Hall of Fame Badges. Among the key attributes are 99 Inside Scoring, 99 Playmaking, 98 Defending, 98 Rebounding, and 98 Athleticism.

Other notable releases include new Dark Matter cards where Lamar Odom and Andrei Kirilenko can play point guard. Gamers will also find Danny Granger, Obi Toppin, Jianlian Yi, and Manute Bol amongst the OOP 3 cards available in packs.

The newest pack release joins two other recent releases we saw for MyTeam Season 8 content. Those included the Season Rewind and IDOLS Series III packs featuring Kawhi Leonard, amongst other player cards.

New Agendas, Influencers giving away Dark Matter MJ cards

While buying packs is one way to try to land that Michael Jordan card from NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 release, there’s a chance to get the card free this weekend. There are 11 Influencers who will be giving away the Dark Matter Invincible item on their gaming video streams.

The giveaways start as early as 7 a.m. Pacific Time (10 a.m. Eastern Time) on Saturday morning with RedCity2K’s stream, followed by Poorboysin at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET).

The streams will continue throughout the weekend, with the final one listed on the schedule (below) coming at 6 p.m. Pacific Time (9 p.m. ET) on Sunday evening. That will be courtesy of Carlosstory’s channel.

With the new NBA 2K21 Out of Position 3 packs and cards also comes a new set of MyTeam Season 8 Agendas. Each of them focuses on one of the players released in the OOP 3 packs with rewards available ranging from 500 to 5,000 XP. Completing the entire group brings 10,000 MT for spending in the mode.

Amongst those Out of Position 3 Agendas, there’s also the Challenge worth 500 XP. Defeating that challenge also gets 400 MT and a free OOP 3 pack, so there’s another shot at that Michael Jordan Invincible card!

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