The best E3 2021 games so far

The sun has only just dawned on E3 2021, but there are already too many games for a single brain to comprehend. Between Geoff Keighley’s kickoff show, company-specific broadcasts for Gearbox, Koch, and Devolver, IGN’s showcase, Ubisoft Forward, and indie showcases Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Games Direct, we’ve already seen 100-plus trailers for brand new and previously revealed games. And this is technically day one? Phew.

To help separate what’s stood out so far, I asked a few members of the PC Gamer team to identify an early favorite. This is an immediate reaction to what we’ve seen so far—a more comprehensive verdict on the whole show will arrive in our post-E3 awards after everything wraps on June 15.

Elden Ring

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