Can you go undrafted in NBA 2K21? Additional details about My Career mode

NBA 2K21 has now been released and the fans have been making the most out of it. They have been trying a number of things in order to test out the game. But the game has been getting a lot of reviews from the players. A number of people have also been asking a lot of questions about the new NBA 2K21. Read more to know other details about NBA 2K21 and its reviews.

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Can you go Undrafted in NBA 2K21?

A number of players have been asking a lot of questions about NBA 2K21 and its features. The makers have introduced a number of new college events in the game. This has been creating much anticipation amongst the players. They have been asking a lot of questions like, “can you go undrafted in NBA 2K21  ” and other details about the My Career mode of the game. Because of the number of queries, these questions have been trending on social media lately. Thus we have picked up these questions and answered them to clear your doubts. Read more to know about NBA 2K21. 

The players cannot go undrafted in the new NBA 2K21. Even if they perform extremely bad in their high school and college tryouts, they will be picked in the second round for sure. The players have been sharing a lot of videos online about the same. They have been talking about how the teams do give an offer to the players depending on their performance.

The players will need to be drafted in order to play My Career mode in NBA 2K21. They have also added a feature of choosing from two different managers depending on the perks they provide. 

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More details about NBA 2K21

The game also has an option to skip the college and high-school games to directly the NBA season matches. In order to get drafted, the player ended to play a total of 10 games during their high-school and college-level playing days. They can even skip college-level games. This is a must and all players need to play these games before becoming pro and playing for a well-established NBA club. The players are needed to compete against 10 teams before going pro. Here are all the colleges and their teams that have been featured in NBA 2K21 My Career mode. 

  • Michigan State
  • UConn
  • Florida
  • Gonzaga
  • Syracuse
  • Texas Tech
  • Oklahoma
  • UCL
  • Villanova University
  • West Virginia

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