NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Tips, Tricks and Strategies

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is an authentic NBA game for basketball fans to play on the go. The squad building NBA 2K Mobile is the latest addition to the NBA franchise, and boy does it deliver. Experience console quality graphics, multiple game modes and over 400 different NBA players to collect. What are you waiting for? Come and make as many three-pointers as you can!

  • Pass or shoot. Anyone who’s ever been on a basketball court knows the temptation to run it alone and score three-pointers. However, for most of us this is just a dream, and that’s no different in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball. At the beginning of the game, your team will feature mainly bronze players with one or two silver players as well. Which means their odds of landing long shots, or anything difficult is almost impossible. So try to make it easy for yourself if you want to land beauties you will need to play until you unlock greats.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

  • Don’t spam “steal”. Although there are many situations where a tactical foul can be beneficial in Basketball, this is not one of them. Trying to steal the ball at every opportunity will definitely work against you as you make more and more infringements. At first, the penalty is just possession to your opponent from the halfway line, but after three fouls they get two free throws (foul shots). So eventually, it becomes a silly two points to give away.
  • Know your team. Knowing who is on your team and what they are good at is the key to success. Over time, your team changes and gets better, but this also requires you to know who your best guys are, and who is the more defensive minded players. Every good coach knows their players inside and out, so in order for you to not waste opportunities, learn what your boys are good at. Normally, this is something you should do without even thinking about it. But the earlier you learn who your strongest players are on your team, the sooner you can remove anyone weak.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

  • Perfect the Drills. In NBA 2K Mobile Basketball, there is an entire game mode dedicated to improving your skills. These drills are short exercises you can practice and perfect to get certain rewards. Remember that completing these drills should help all areas of your game and reward you for your time. There are defensive and offensive drills to master, mastering a drill allows you to simulate a drill just for the rewards. Without an A grade rating for the drill, you can’t simulate it and simulating a drill saves time.
  • Press and hold to shoot. At first, the shooting bar feels like it takes an eternity to load and difficult to time. But this just requires practice and better players. When you’re trying to shoot with your starting players, this bar will move fast. Meaning it will be very difficult to get a perfectly filled shot bar. With starting players there is a good chance they will miss even with the bar fully filled. So expect your guys to disappoint and remember the golden rule of basketball, the more you try to score, the more you will score.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

  • Take the shot. This tip follows on from the one above. If you don’t take the shot, you will never score. Inevitably your players will miss, sometimes they will miss several in a row. But this does not mean you should stop trying. You can get closer to the hoop for some dunks, or try to get it to your best player and let him take the shots. This may seem like a simple way to play, but it’s effective to break that dry run.


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