10 Best Badges For Point Guards In NBA 2K21

In NBA 2K21, gamers can craft their own basketball superstar with MyPlayer and test themselves in the NBA with MyCareer or online in The Neighborhood. Badges can be equipped to give an added boost to the player’s abilities in specific situations.

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Depending on position and playstyle, gamers will find some Badges to be superior to others. As the primary ball-handler and initiator of a team’s offense, Point Guards will likely benefit most from Badges that improve their playmaking, shooting, and perimeter defense.

10 Giant Slayer

The Giant Slayer Badge in NBA 2K21

Giant Slayer is a Finishing Badge that allows for more successful lay-up attempts against taller paint defenders. This Badge will activate whenever the user is defended by an opponent who is taller than themselves and goes for a lay-up.

Point Guards are typically the shortest players on a basketball team, while the tallest players defend near the rim to deter dunks or lay-ups. As such, this Badge will likely benefit Point Guards more than any other position and is sure to activate on almost every slash to the hoop.

9 Range Extender


Range Extender is a Shooting Badge that allows a player to effectively shoot from greater distances without added difficulty. This Badge will activate on any 3-point or mid-range jump shot taken by the user.

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Unless given the opportunity to spot up for a catch-and-shoot, Point Guards will seldom have their feet planted just beyond the 3-point arc. A significant shooting penalty is given with each successive foot from the perimeter, so this Badge is nearly a necessity for those who want to pull up from the top of the arc.

8 Deadeye

The Deadeye Badge in NBA NK21

Deadeye is a Shooting Badge that will reduce the shooting penalty caused by defenders who close out on the shooter. This Badge will activate whenever the user takes a shot near a defender who is approaching to contest the shot.

For wide-open 3-pointers, there are few difficulties. For everything else, there’s Deadeye. Even gamers who are able to get open for a shot don’t stay open for long, as defenses will scramble to close out as quickly as possible. Point Guards with this Badge can focus more on timing their shot, and less on getting the ball out of their hands.

7 Difficult Shots

The Difficult Shots Badge in NBA 2K21

Difficult Shots is a Shooting Badge that will increase the effectiveness of certain shooting attempts. This Badge will activate on attempted hop steps, spins, stepbacks, and pull-ups.

While everyone else on the team usually has the luxury of getting open off-ball for their offensive opportunities, Point Guards are typically relied upon to create their own space for a “good shot.” Shooting off the dribble typically comes with a significant shooting penalty, which this Badge can allay to a noticeable degree.

6 Unpluckable


Unpluckable is a Playmaking Badge that increases the ability of the user to withstand steal attempts from opposing defenders. This Badge will activate whenever the user is handling the ball and an opponent tries to steal the ball from them.

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Point Guards are usually the best ball handlers on the team, making it a common goal of defenses to double-team or otherwise try to get the basketball out of their hands. The Gold or Hall of Fame versions of the Badge will allow gamers to dribble circles around defenses while having their eyes open to passing opportunities (and not be overly concerned by on-ball defensive pressure).

5 Space Creator

The Space Creator Badge in NBA 2K21

Space Creator is a Playmaking Badge that allows for more effective dribbling moves that create space from defenders. This Badge will activate on moves such as stepbacks, momentum hesitations, and the “Curry slide.”

While numerous Badges affect the effectiveness with which one can dribble the ball, Space Creator is perhaps the most important for Point Guards. When shooting the ball, every inch of space counts and gamers can use Space Creator to have an unstoppable stepback 3-point shot like James Harden.

4 Handles For Days

The Handles for Days Badge in NBA 2K21

Handles For Days is a Playmaking Badge that reduces the stamina drain on consecutive dribbling moves. This Badge will activate whenever the ball handler attempts to chain together combos of multiple dribbles over a short span of time.

Players can’t dribble for too long in 2K21 without becoming fatigued, making everything they do slower and less effective. This Badge essentially allows for long, quicker, sharper dribbling combos from the Point Guard. For those who like to dribble until the floor opens up around them, this is a must-have.

3 Clamps

The Clamps Badge in NBA 2K21

Clamps is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that grants the user more effective on-ball perimeter defense. This Badge will activate whenever a player is attempting to cut off, bump, or hip-ride opposing ball handlers.

This is an excellent Badge that will greatly improve the defensive animations given to the user. Point Guards will often be matched up on defense with other crafty, quick guards. Clamps can be the difference between an attacker being stopped in their tracks or blowing by for an easy lay-up.

2 Intimidator


Intimidator is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that reduces the effectiveness of scoring attempts by opponents. This Badge will activate not only on shot contests but on any opposing field goal attempt within a few feet of the user.

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Unless a gamer goes the Ben Simmons route of specializing in a defensive Point Guard, they’ll want to add Intimidator. Even if it’s their only defensive Badge, it will greatly aid in contesting shots, and make for more effective double-teams of larger opponents.

1 Pick Dodger


Pick Dodger is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that allows the user to get by screens more effectively. This Badge will activate whenever the player is screened during a defensive possession.

Opposing guards will often call for screens from their big men to create space. Point Guards will want this Badge to slither past opponents and stay in front of their man. The difference between attempting to avoid a pick with and without Pick Dodger is significant, and a great option for guards who take pride in lock-down on-ball defense.

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