10 Best Teams To Rebuild In MyLeague, Ranked

There are countless reasons why the NBA 2K franchise is arguably the best when it comes to sports video games. From a wide array of classic teams to a ridiculous amount of customizable options, there are so many to choose from. One major highlight is the MyLeague mode.

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It allows the gamer to take a team and control them but go further as MyLeague also lets you basically be the league’s commissioner. Since you get to control a team for decades in the mode, picking one isn’t just about finding who is the best option right now. It’s about finding the squads worth controlling for years to come.

Updated on June 23rd, 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: Given the ever-changing nature of the NBA, it’s hard to keep up with teams are ideal to use in these situations. All-Star players switch franchises and some squads have either improved or declined for several reasons. That makes picking the best teams to rebuild in NBA 2K21 tough to nail down or keep consistent but there are ways to figure that out.

10 Orlando Magic

Markelle Fultz dribbles in NBA 2K21

The Orlando Magic spent the past few years in a weird place. Usually, a franchise wants to either be an NBA championship contender or a rebuilding team collecting young talents and draft picks. However, they were trapped somewhere in the middle as a consistent bottom of the Playoffs standings team.

This past season, Orlando dealt away All-Star Nikola Vucevic, Evan Fournier, and Aaron Gordon, meaning there’s room to rebuild the team in your image. Plus, the roster has plenty of potential stars like Markelle Fultz, Cole Anthony, and Wendell Carter Jr.

9 Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine dunks in NBA 2K21

Nikola Vucevic was moved from the aforementioned Orlando Magic to the Chicago Bulls. That combined him with All-Star Zach LaVine, who averaged 27.4ppg this past season. That makes them a great one-two punch to build an offense around, especially given their versatility.

The team also has Lauri Markkanen, who when healthy is one of the league’s best young shooters, and point guard Coby White. That gives them a great youthful core and there are some vets who could be moved, like Thaddeus Young, to get more pieces to return the Bulls to their ’90s glory.

8 Golden State Warriors

nba 2k21 steph curry

The Golden State Warriors are a different kind of team to rebuild in NBA 2K21. It was only a few years ago that they won three out of four NBA Finals and were nearly unstoppable. Only Kevin Durant is gone from the core but the team fell on hard times due to a cavalcade of injuries and departures.

The main focus if you pick them is to fix the supporting cast. The Warriors already have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson back from injury, and Draymond Green, as well as budding star James Wiseman and athletic Andrew Wiggins. If you can get a quality bench and some other young players, you’ll be a force.

7 Minnesota Timberwolves

D'Angelo Russell dribbles in NBA 2K21

On paper, the Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the most confusing teams in the league. They have Karl-Anthony Towns, one of the best big men around, as well as All-Star D’Angelo Russell, and #1 overall pick Anthony Edwards. Plus, Malik Beasley is a 20.0ppg scorer.

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Despite all of that talent at its core, the Timberwolves keep finding themselves at the bottom of the standings. That’s where the challenge lies. You might be able to move underwhelming young guys like Jarrett Culver for someone who can contribute more, and really put this team back on the map.

6 Houston Rockets

John Wall shoots a jump shot in NBA 2K21

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Just a few short years ago, the Houston Rockets felt like a legitimate threat to the Golden State Warriors dynasty, nearly beating them even when they had Kevin Durant. The highlights of that squad are gone like James Harden and Chris Paul. Even Russell Westbrook departed after a year.

John Wall remains but he hasn’t been healthy for a while until this year. Though he makes a lot of money, a gamer should look to move him for some young pieces. That will allow you to do a lengthy build around guys like Christian Wood and Kevin Porter Jr. It’ll take a while, but it’ll be worth it.

5 Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant catches a pass in NBA 2K21

No offense to them but there’s not a more boring team in the league right now than the Detroit Pistons. They got rid of Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin for next to nothing even though they were initially supposed to be the combination of big men that turned the franchise around.

That left the door open for rising players to step up. Jerami Grant has been the most impressive (22.3ppg), while Josh Jackson and Saddiq Bey have also done well. Like the Rockets, picking the Pistons will lead to some rough early seasons but patience pays off.

4 Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo ball dribbles

The Charlotte Hornets were a solid surprise this past season. They hovered around .500 for the most part and just missed out on the playoffs, thanks to a play-in tournament loss. They went from a team that people questioned to one who was arguably the most exciting in the league.

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The highlight is certainly Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball and young talents like Miles Bridges and Devonte’ Graham, as well as veterans like Gordon Hayward. Some guys make too much money (Terry Rozier and Bismack Biyombo) but they’re worth trying to move.

3 Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young in NBA 2K21

One of the most important aspects of managing a team in these modes is having financial flexibility. The Atlanta Hawks might be the best team to use when it comes to that. They start the game with plenty of cap space, opening the door to add a prime free agent or give a major extension to a current star.

The possibility of adding a top-level player to the team’s existing youthful core is a great one. Trae Young is one of the best young talents in the game, while the likes of John Collins and De’Andre Hunter have talent. They have grown to be a championship contender quicker than expected and the gamer can help that long.

2 Oklahoma City Thunder

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in NBA 2K21

There is no team more loaded with future draft picks than the Oklahoma City Thunder. They own an absurd 18 first-round draft picks through 2027. That’s not counting second-round selections either so there’s a ton of potential to build the future.

If you want, you can use those picks to build through the draft. If you want a quicker route, you can move them for current stars. They have a young stud as a centerpiece in the incredible Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and recently acquired All-Star Kemba Walker.

1 New Orleans Pelicans

Zion Williamson closeup in NBA 2K21

In terms of being competitive right now, having a bright future, and featuring veterans who can be moved for other pieces, the New Orleans Pelicans have it all. Obviously, the biggest selling point is Zion Williamson, who is a blast to control and dunk all over opposing teams.

The Pelicans also boast All-Star Brandon Ingram and the ever-improving Lonzo Ball, who are both 23 years old. That’s a fantastic trio to build around. Eric Bledsoe and Josh Hart keep them competitive but could also be moved if need be.r

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