Error Code c3854bcc NBA 2K20: How to fix NBA 2K20 unidentified error?

Error Code c3854bcc NBA 2K20: The game tends to prompt an “unidentified” error due to which recent progress doesn’t get saved. 

Many NBA 2K20 users have been facing issues with an error while playing the game, especially in the MyTeam game mode.. The “error code c3854bcc” is the issue gamers have been facing and is causing a lot of unrest amongst loyal NBA 2K players.

What is Error Code c3854bcc in NBA 2K20?

According to 2K, it is an “unidentified” error.

Gamers usually face this error after returning to the main menu from a game mode like MyTeam. Then this error occurs and all the rewards are lost and even the progress is not recorded.

There can be several reasons for this error to occur but the most common could be the loss of network from the servers of the game. Or even internet issues on the console. Do keep your internet connection in good condition while accessing NBA 2K20.

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How to Fix the error?

Some of the ways to fix the errors could be:-

  1. Restarting the game
  2. Restarting your respective consoles (PS4 or Xbox One). Switch them off for more than 20 seconds
  3. Check internet connectivity, for better connectivity you can directly connect internet connection to the console itself by using an ethernet cable
  4. Make sure that your network connection isn’t too busy. Stop the download of large files and streams on other devices so that your console can get better bandwidth
  5. Changing your DNS settings could also solve it

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