NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8 Adds Rewind Packs Featuring Kemba Walker Dark Matter, New GO Card Agendas

With just over three weeks left for NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8, fans are trying to add more cards to their collections, including the Level 40 Reward. As of Thursday, 2K’s MyTeam added several brand new Season Rewind packs. These include three new Dark Matter cards, including former Celtics’ PG Kemba Walker and Heat center Bam Adebayo. There are also new Agendas to earn Galaxy Opals. Here’s the rundown of the latest content arriving for MyTeam gamers.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8: Kemba DM card in limited-time Season Rewind packs

One thing is certain: the MyTeam Pack Market has been continually stocked with packs for gamers to purchase in an attempt to upgrade their roster. In recent weeks we’ve seen Glitched packs, Kawhi’s IDOL Series III, Flash Super Packs, and of course, Season Rewind. A sixth edition of the Season Rewind arrived on June 24, bringing another group of new Dark Matter player cards.

Dark Matter Kemba Walker, Bam Adebayo, and Jonas Valanciunas lead the way here. However, the graphic below features Galaxy Opal March Smart of the Celtics, most likely due to the recent trade. Kemba Walker was dealt by the Celtics to the Oklahoma City Thunder, making for the two-time All-Star’s third team in his career.

Prior to this new item, Walker’s best card in MyTeam was his 95 OVR Season 4 Rewards. However, he’s back with an upgraded item including 53 Hall of Fame Badges. Top attributes include his 98 for Driving Layup, Free Throws, and Draw Foul ratings, along with 98 on his mid-range, close, and three-point shooting. Overall, it’s a winning item with A+ grades for much of his scoring, playmaking, and even perimeter defense skills.

Packs are selling for 11,250 VC or 15,750 MT, with 10-pack boxes going for 101,250 VC. A 20-pack box is 202,500 VC. These only offer a chance of pulling the new cards including the Galaxy Opals listed at the link below.

Keep in mind the above packs will be available at the Pack Market for just 24 hours, so they’ll be out of the store as of Friday morning around 11 a.m. Eastern Time. However, the Dark Matter cards should still be available for sale at the MyTeam Auction House listings.

Check out the complete group of cards available in the Season Rewind Packs over at MTDB’s listing.

How to earn new Galaxy Opal cards with MT Agendas

A trio of new Galaxy Opal player cards also arrived on Thursday, June 24 in NBA 2K21’s MyTeam. Gamers can now earn 98 OVR GO cards for the Boston Celtics’ Payton Pritchard, Vancouver Grizzlies’ Xavier Tillman, and Miami Heat’s Kendrick Nunn. Each card brings different strengths and weaknesses, as with previous releases.

For example, Nunn brings a low strength of just 65 and Hustle rating of just 70, but features 95 Offensive Consistency and 96 Passing Accuracy on his card. Tillman has 98 Shot IQ, 95 Hands, 94 Hustle, and 94 Shot Close, but just 62 Passing Accuracy and 61 Ball Handle.

To earn the above players’ Galaxy Opal items requires completing five Agendas in NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8. They are the same for each player, but are based on their team. Below is an example with Xavier Tillman’s Agendas involving Grizzlies players.

  • Get 25 Rebounds with Grizzlies players over multiple games
  • Score 125 Points with Grizzlies players over multiple TT or TTO games
  • Get 20 Assists with Grizzlies players over multiple Multiplayer games
  • Achieve 15 Blocks with Grizzlies players over multiple Triple Threat Offline games
  • Get 15 Steals with Grizzlies players over multiple games

For Payton Pritchard that involves Celtics players and for Kendrick Nunn it will involve Miami Heat players. However, all three of the above stars are from teams associated with those new Dark Matter cards that just became available in Season Rewind packs. There are also new Season Rewind 6 Agendas available featuring Walker, Bam, Valanciunas and more.

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