NBA 2K How to Bench Press


Bench Press is one of the training exercises you’ll want to master in NBA 2K20 My Career mode to help your character gain attributes each day.  You’ll find the Bench Press excercise in the Gatorade Training Facility in the Neighborhood and you’ll also need to do the bench press in the NBA Draft Combine at the beginning of My Career.  Performing well in the Bench Press will help you secure a better draft position in the prelude and you can do this exercise daily in the Training Facility.

Doing the Bench Press in 2K20 seems easier than it actually is, that’s because the main thing about the bench press exercise is balancing the ball that you see in the middle of the bar.  As the ball move to one side of the bar to the other you need to press up on the correct thumbstick to balance the bar and complete the bench press rep.

The instructions say that you need to move the Left and Right Thumbstick down simultaneously to keep the ball balanced on the bar, but we’ve never seen the ball not go to one side or the other on any rep.  So, what you’ll need to do is to move the Left and Right Thumbstick down to start the rep, and then as soon as you see the ball move from the middle to either the left or the right side you will need to flick the corresponding thumbstick up to balance the bar.  Then, right after that you will need to press the Left and Right Thumbsticks up to complete the rep.

The trick in doing the Bench Press is flicking up on the correct side quickly and then pressing up on both sticks to finish the rep.

This pretty much works on the Leg Press activity as well, but you will basically be starting by pressing up instead of down, balancing the ball, and then just releasing the thumbsticks.

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