10 Best Badges For Power Forwards In NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 provides gamers with Badges to apply to their MyPlayer, activating under special circumstances and boosting their player’s abilities. While players can choose whichever Badge they want, the responsibilities associated with a specific position should influence what Badges the gamers elect to apply to their character.

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For the NBA 2K21 Power Forwards, they will be relied upon to bring physical intensity and have a strong inside game on both ends of the court. Therefore, gamers should opt for Badges that boost their ability to get by paint defenders, finish scoring opportunities at the rim, and protect their own hoop from attackers.

10 Contact Finisher


Contact Finisher is a Finishing Badge that improves the ability to complete either a contact dunk or contact layup. This Badge will activate whenever the player draws physical contact from defenders while driving to the rim.

Power Forwards will be relied upon to aggressively attack the rim, often in the face of paint defenders. This is a great Badge that will help in situations where the player is unable to get an open shot and needs to go up strong and hope for the best.

9 Fancy Footwork

The Fancy Footwork Badge in NBA 2K21

Fancy Footwork is a Finishing Badge that provides better dunk or layup gather animations for certain drives. This Badge will activate on spin, half-spin, euro, hop step, and cradle gathers.

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While it can be great fun to dunk on defenders standing in the paint, executing the right gather move can allow players to bypass the defense altogether, allowing for a more efficient scoring opportunity. This is one of the most helpful Badges in the game for rim-running Power Forwards.

8 Acrobat

The Acrobat Badge in NBA 2K21

Acrobat is a Finishing Badge that boosts the shot percentage on certain layup attempts. This Badge will activate on reverse, change-shot, euros-step, cradle, hop step, spin, and half-spin layups.

One of the best things about this Badge for Power Forwards is simply how many types of layups it affects. When slashing to the hoop, any one of these advanced moves will likely be called upon. Having this Badge in the Hall of Fame will provide a noticeable improvement to the player’s ability to finish at the rim.

7 Pro Touch

The Pro-Touch Badge in NBA 2K21

Pro Touch is a Finishing Badge that increases the effectiveness of well-timed layup attempts. This Badge will activate on any layup attempt that has slightly early, slightly late or excellent release timing.

This Badge is primarily useful on contact layups, and along with Contact Finisher, can greatly improve the ability to score inside. Even in the face of good defensive positioning, Power Forwards with this Badge will have a good chance of scoring against all but the staunchest of paint defenders.

6 Post-Spin Technician

The Post Spin Technician Badge in NBA 2K21

Post Spin Technician is a Playmaking Badge that will provide better post drive or post spin animations for the player. This Badge will activate whenever the player posts up a defender and attempts to drive or spin past them.

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While Power Forwards will occasionally have the opportunity to bully-ball a mismatched opponent, they will otherwise have to rely on speed and athleticism. Post spins are one of the most effective ways of getting past an opposing big, and the extra speed provided by this Badge can often allow for an easy bucket.

5 Brick Wall


Brick Wall is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that allows the player to perform more effective screens, which also drains more stamina from opponents. This Badge will activate whenever one screens a player on an opposing team.

Providing screens for teammates will create space for the whole team, as the defense scrambles to help or switch. Power Forwards will be relied upon to set screens for the primary ball handlers, and this Badge can turn the slightest off-ball contact into a few seconds of defenders being practically glued to the pick.

4 Chase Down Artist

The Chase Down Artist Badge in NBA 2K21

Chase Down artist is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that significantly boosts a player’s speed and vertical attributes when attempting a chase-down block. This Badge will activate when the player is behind an opponent, who is on the fastbreak and attempts a block.

Power Forwards will typically have the ideal blend of size and athleticism necessary to even attempt a chase-down block. For those who want to re-enact Lebron James’ block on Andre Iguodala, this Badge will allow one to similarly soar through the air.

3 Worm

The Worm Badge in NBA 2K21

Worm is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that allows players to swim or spin around opponents more easily when boxed out. This Badge will activate whenever a player attempts to get by an opponent who is boxing them out.

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One of the best ways for Power Forwards to endear themselves to their teammates is by being an excellent glass cleaner. Worm will improve the player’s ability to get themselves in the best position to get a rebound, either for a putback, or to end a defensive sequence.

2 Rim Protector


Rim Protector is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that boosts the chances of blocking a shot, allows for unique blocking animations, and provides a boost to Team Takeover upon a successful block. This Badge will activate when blocking a shot.

Power Forwards will be tasked with defending their paint almost as often as the team’s Center. Rim Protector is one of the best Badges for stopping slashers and opposing bigs from finishing at the rim, allowing players to become a greater deterrent to opposing attackers.

1 Box

The Box badge in NBA 2K21

Box is a Defense/Rebounding Badge that provides better animations on box-outs, increasing the likelihood of keeping an opponent from getting around the player. This Badge will activate whenever boxing out a member of the opposing team.

When Power Forwards are in position to secure a rebound, the last thing they want is a player on the other team getting in their way. This Badge will likely activate many times each game and will be a factor in the majority of a player’s rebound attempts whether or not they succeed.

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