NBA 2K21 Next Gen: New Game Mode Confirmed + Neighborhood changes coming

NBA 2K21 will receive new game modes on next gen consoles, according to a new reveal from 2K Games.

Let’s go over what we know so far, and what these new game modes might include!

Latest news – Welcome to The W

Exclusive to next-gen, The W will let you create a WNBA MyPLAYER.

Take her through a complete on- and off-court career or go online to challenge others.

NBA 2K21 on Next Gen

2K Games have announced an incredible amount of new changes coming to NBA 2K21 on next gen consoles.

BREATHE: There are tons of big changes coming to NBA 2K21 on next gen

In fact it feels more like an entirely new game, and after already making a great game for current gen, we couldn’t be more excited.

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Well, it turns out we can – as just today, 2K Games have announced a new game mode, and hinted at more to come.

Expanding The Neighborhood

Along with The W reveal came bigger news.

“In addition, fans will soon get an in-depth look of the biggest expansion of NBA 2K’s online basketball community feature: the experience formerly known as The Neighborhood.”

NBA 2K21 on next-gen really will be a completely new game.

Reveal Date

With only a matter of days until next-gen arrives, the changes to The Neighborhood could come any day.

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What could happen to The Neighborhood?

The Neighborhood is one of the most innovative and engaging new game modes in sports gaming from the past decade.

PROVING GROUNDS: The Neighborhood is where players go to prove themselves and get better

According to a recent next gen gameplay teaser, changes are coming to “…the mode formerly known as The Neighborhood.”

This could mean a huge variety of things. With NBA 2K21, The Neighborhood made the move to some new scenery with 2K Beach, but this change was mostly cosmetic.

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From the sounds of the above statement, we have to think The Neighborhood is receiving a huge fundamental change.

While it’s hard to speculate on, this could include a new matchmaking system, and perhaps even more involved PRO-AM teams.

NBA Street?

Madden 21 got a lot of criticism on release, but one thing that was universally appreciated was the addition of The Yard, a game mode calling back to NFL Street-style gameplay.

NEW SIGHTS: 2K Beach brought some new scenery to The Neighborhood, but next gen may bring back the streetball feel on the blacktop of The Park

This game mode created new rules, new ways to score, and a more casual and exciting gameplay experience.

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With NBA Street games also being quite popular with sports gamers, we could perhaps see some of the same in NBA 2K21 on next gen.

This could include some new streetball-style gameplay that emphasizes big plays and new rules to help this along. And it could mean a huge change to The Park we all know and love.

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