Play Skyrim as Ash from Evil Dead with this Bruce Campbell mod

If you’ve ever wanted to call Skyrim’s enemies primitive screwheads while you shoot fire from your hand at them, then I’ve got the mods for you. The Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) voicepack combined with Additional player voices will have your Dragonborn saying “groovy” and “who’s your daddy?” and dozens of other catchphrases from the Evil Dead movies at regular intervals.

To explain how Ash got from our world to Nirn you might also want to install Necronomicon Book of the Evil Dead, or you could play through the Evil Dead mod to experience a quest and worldspace based on the events of the movies. Also, that mod will give you a chainsaw. If you’d rather have Ash as your companion then the Ash Williams – Evil Dead follower mod has you covered, and it’s the source of the audio files the voicepack uses.

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