Out of Position 4 Adds Invincible Yao and Wilt, Dark Matter T-Mac Cards

A group of new player cards has officially arrived in the final week of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 8. It’s Out of Position 4, with the fourth installment in the series bringing some high-rated new items for some all-time greats. That includes scoring sensation Tracy McGrady, his former teammate Yao Ming, and the legendary Wilt Chamberlain, who are amongst players with new cards. Gamers can buy NBA 2K21 MyTeam packs and boxes, or purchase their specific favorites in the Auction House.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Packs: Out of Position 4 released with new cards

Friday, July 9 marked the arrival of the newest NBA 2K21 MyTeam Packs for Season 8. With Out of Position 4 cards, players are generally put in different positions than they normally might be slotted into. As an example, Tracy McGrady, Rudy Gay, and Hedo Turkoglu can all be used as point guards with their brand new Dark Matter cards.

With T-Mac’s new item, gamers get 97 Athleticism, 96 Playmaking, 95 Inside Scoring, and 88 Rebounding. He also has 54 Hall of Fame Badges to give him an extra edge in various aspects of his game. His teammate Yao Ming is also part of this release with a sweet Invincible card.

Yao gets 99 Blocking, Defensive Consistency, Inside and Outside Shooting, and Rebounding. His lower ratings come in the forms of Playmaking such as Ball Handling (97) or Speed/Vertical (97) per 2kdb’s listing.

Wilt Chamberlain also has a new card in these packs, but he’s featured at the power forward and center spots, so nothing too crazy. However, it’s an Invincible card complete with a 99 overall rating. Invincible cards are just that, as Wilt gets 99s across the board for various key aspects of his game. So he’ll make an ideal center for many gamers to add to their MyTeam lineup.

New Pack Market items and Season agendas available

The newest NBA 2K21 MyTeam packs are going for 11,250 Virtual Currency (VC) or 15,000 MT at the Pack Market. These feature five items, one of which is a player card, but there’s no guarantee it will be an OOP 4 or Invincible. Boxes can be had for 101,250 VC for the 10-pack box or 202,500 VC for the 20-pack box.

There is also a new checklist of MyTeam Agendas based on Out of Position 4. These include using various player items from the collection to achieve different stats feats. Some are in one game, multiple games, or specific modes. They’re worth 500 to 5,000 XP each, with a final reward of 2,500 MT for completing them all.

Here’s all of the Out of Position 4 Agendas:

  • Get 30 Assists with OOP4 Jalen Rose over multiple TT or TTO games
  • Get 15 Steals with OOP44 Reggie Theus over multiple games
  • Score 40 Points with OOP4 Darius Miles over multiple Multiplayer games
  • Get 30 Dunks with OOP4 Wilson Chandler over multiple games
  • Make 14 3-Pointers with OOP4 Tracy McGrady over multiple Triple Threat Online games
  • Get 30 Dunks with OOP4 Rudy Gay over multiple Challenge games
  • Make 14 3-Pointers with OOP4 Hedo Turkoglu over multiple TT or TTO games
  • Score 100 Points with OOP4 Aleksej Pokusevski over multiple games
  • Score 125 Points with Invincible Paul George over multiple games
  • Get 20 Blocks with Invincible Yao Ming over multiple games
  • Make 40 Dunks with Invincible Wilt Chamberlain over multiple games
  • Win a Triple Threat Offline game while using 3 Original Owner OOP4 cards

MyTeam Season 8 ending, 2K22 announcement soon?

With the new NBA 2K21 MyTeam Packs release, Season 8 is down to the final stretch. As of this report, there are just six days left until it officially ends. Many gamers are still rushing to rack up those XP through Agendas in order to acquire that Luka Doncic reward item.

By the end of the week, we should see what’s up next for MyTeam. We may also see an announcement of the NBA 2K22 release date and cover star revealed in the coming week or so.

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