Why NBA 2K22 Is Putting Players On A Luxury Cruise

NBA 2K22 will be placing players aboard a luxury cruise ship. Here’s how the feature fits into the game and what it means for NBA 2K22’s Seasons.

Along with a host of new features, NBA 2K22 will be bringing back some returning staples of the series as well, such as The Neighborhood and Seasons, plus some new things – like a cruise ship. Familiar features will be taking on a different appearance this time around, taking players to new locales instead of exploring areas fans may already be familiar with.

NBA 2K22‘s upcoming gameplay was previewed in a features update mid-July, which detailed everything from how MyTEAM would be changing to the addition of improved matchmaking and a brand-new version of The City, which was introduced in NBA 2K21. NBA 2K22‘s version of The City will add more NPCs and an all-new quest system, tying MyCAREER into The City for a more complete narrative experience. Players can also pursue side careers such as fashion, or could even become a hip-hop star when not playing on the court. Overall, NBA 2K22 seems geared to provide for more immersive and customizable roleplaying opportunities.

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However, as was the case in NBA 2K21, The City and its new features won’t be available for all NBA 2K22 players: only PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users will be able to access it. Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One users will instead be returning to NBA 2K22’s The Neighborhood, which has also been updated for the latest game in the series and this time around will be built onto the deck of a sailing cruise ship. Here’s how this change could impact NBA 2K22‘s other features such as MyCAREER.

How Seasons And Events Change Aboard The 2K Cruise

NBA 2K22 PS5 Xbox The City Hip Hop Career

On most platforms, The Neighborhood will sail to different locales throughout the Season, making stops at different areas periodically as the game progresses. Players will be able to visit the Excursions counter each time the ship makes a stop, travelling off-shore to participate in Events, according to NBA 2K22‘s new features preview. Otherwise, matchmaking and exploring will presumably be done entirely aboard the cruise ship. Although improved matchmaking times have been confirmed to be featured in The City, it’s unclear at the moment whether this change will apply to The Neighborhood as well.

More features and other new content for MyPLAYERs will be coming to both NBA 2K22‘s version of The City and The Neighborhood than what’s already been revealed, but developers have stated that additional news likely won’t be coming until August in that regard ahead of the game’s September 10 release. For the time being, though, there’s still plenty of new features for NBA 2K fans to read about while they wait for further gameplay previews and other NBA 2K22 announcements to drop.

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