NBA 2K League Week 9 Recap

Week 9 of the NBA 2K League is over, and The Ticket Tournament is right around the corner, which means the heated seeding battles are only going to get more interesting. With multiple teams’ destinies still in the air and in reach of a playoff berth, as well as a few spots already being locked. The only guarantee we have is that everyone is going to be determined to bring their A-game. So let’s take a look at everything that went down in the NBA 2K League Week 9 recap.

Game of the Week

Blazer5 Gaming Sweep 76ersGC

In what the league heralded as the Game of the Week, Blazer5 Gaming pulled out two clutch performances against 76ers GC by securing the sweep and propelling themselves to a tie for the 5th seed of the Western Conference with Pistons GT. Game 1 went down to the wire. After the low-scoring first quarter, both teams went on runs respectively, with 76ers GC winning the 2nd quarter 22-13, then the Blazer5 Gaming response winning the third (10-24).

While there were a few lead changes in the fourth, Blazer5 Gaming, led by Bash’s 26 points and 7 assists, pulled out the win over 76ers GC despite solid performances from Arooks (25 points), Dre (18 points and 10), and OneWildWalnut (16 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 blocks). Scretty also poured in 17 points along with G O O F Y 7 5 7’s double-double (10 points and 20 rebounds) to help in the win.

As for Game 2, the efficient duo of Bash (45 points and 11 assists) and G O O F Y 7 5 7 (26 points and 16 rebounds) were too much for 76ers GC to keep up with. While it was only a 10-point game at halftime, the lead swelled to 21 by the final buzzer. Blazer5 Gaming won 89-68 over 76ers GC.

Moment of the Week

This may not be popular based on their record as a whole, but oFab went off this week. The Cavs Legion point guard averaged 39 points and 9.5 assists on the week, showing that while the team success Cavs Legion want may not be there, he will go out and still do his thing. If you didn’t see his 61-point and 10-assist performance last Saturday night vs. Pistons GT, then I highly recommend it.

NBA 2K League Week 9 Results

Wednesday, August 4

Magic Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming (Grizz Gaming Win 2-0)
  • Game 1: 73-78 (Grizz Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 62-70 (Grizz Gaming win)
Warriors Gaming Squad vs. Kings Guard Gaming (Series Split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 74-84 (Kings Guard Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 79-70 (Warriors Gaming Squad win)
Blazer5 Gaming vs. Jazz Gaming (series Split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 88-86 (Blazer5 Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 73-75 (Jazz Gaming win)
T-Wolves Gaming vs. Knicks Gaming (T-Wolves Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 104-73 (T-Wolves Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 100-76 (T-Wolves Gaming win)

Thursday, Aug 5

Knicks Gaming vs. Wizards District Gaming (series split 1-1)
  • 75-72 (Knicks Gaming Win)
  • 71-73 (Wizards District Gaming win)
Kings Guard Gaming vs. Warriors Gaming Squad (Warrior Gaming Squad 2-0)
  • Game 1: 67-71 (Warrior Gaming Squad win)
  • Game 2: 66-81 (Warriors Gaming Squad win)
Bucks Gaming vs. Pistons GT (Pistons GT 2-0)
  • Game 1: 64-94 (Pistons GT win)
  • Game 2: 81-83 (Pistons GT win)
Celtics Crossover Gaming vs. Magic Gaming (Magic Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 72-79 (Magic Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 70-76 (Magic Gaming Win)

Friday, August 6

Mavs Gaming vs. Jazz Gaming (Jazz Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 83-87 (Jazz Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 75-79 (Jazz Gaming win)
T-Wolves Gaming vs. Cavs Legion GC (series split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 67-84 (Cavs Legion GC win)
  • Game 2: 76-73 (T-Wolves Gaming win)
76ers GC vs. Blazer5 Gaming (Blazer 5 Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 61-63 (Blazer5 Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 68-89 (Blazer5 Gaming win)
Grizz Gaming vs. Gen G. Tigers (series split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 76-74 (Grizz Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 71-74 (Gen.G Tigers win)

Saturday, August 7

Gen G. Tigers vs. Wizards District Gaming (Wizards District Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 67-73 (Wizards District Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 56-79 (Wizards District Gaming win)
Bucks Gaming vs. Mavs Gaming (Mavs Gaming 2-0)
  • Game 1: 82-88 (Mavs Gaming win)
  • Game 2: 67-76 (Mavs Gaming win)
Celtics Crossover Gaming vs. 76ers GC (series split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 75-83 (76ers GC win)
  • Game 2: 77-70 (Celtics Crossover Gaming win)
Cavs Legion GC vs. Pistons GT (series split 1-1)
  • Game 1: 78-81 (Pistons GT win)
  • Game 2: 94-69 (Cavs Legion GC win)

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