King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Summer Patch Sneak Peek Revealed

Neocore Games have revealed some new details about the upcoming Summer Patch for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Summer Patch Sneak Peek Revealed

Neocore Games have released a new sneak peek post about the Summer Patch for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on what to expect.

Previously the developer revealed the sixth class to be coming to the game Sage but revealed little else about the class. In the latest post, it details that the Sage will utilise “frost-based magic” and will have an aptitude to providing utility to their team through “extra armor and HP” or using ice walls.

New details were also unveiled about difficulty settings for the game. This feature will allow players to adjust the difficulty level, making the game a little less punishing or adding further challenge. The new first difficulty setting Bard will be a slightly more forgiving experience, making a heroes death less punishing. There are four difficulty modes Bard, Recruit, Knightly and Unnatural.

The patch will also add the first iteration for controller support. Those on PC will be able to access the fully supported controller feature from the main menu.

More features will be coming with the Summer Patch alongside the ones mentioned, with more details coming around the release of the patch. No dates were given for the next patch release.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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