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Wale reveals Beal’s NBA 2K rating, neither are happy about it originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The NBA 2K video game franchise is doing that thing sports games do when they slowly reveal the best player ratings over the course of a few days until all ratings are released. Up until Friday, Wizards guard Bradley Beal’s rating was still unknown, with the only clue being that it’d fall under Damian Lillard’s 94, the lowest of the game’s top 10 revealed on Wednesday.

Well, if a complaint on Twitter by rapper Wale is true, Beal’s rating is a lot lower than Wizards fans probably would have liked to see. 

“Man @Ronnie2K just told me Beal is an 89 in @nba2k #2KRatings… I demand a recount . Y’all keep playin wit bro man,” Wale tweeted.

Playing along in what might have even been a planned rollout for this rating, Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie 2K, an exec and front-facing figure for the game, asked Beal his thoughts on the rating. Safe to say the star player of Wale’s home team also wasn’t pleased.

No matter where he landed, it’s possible Beal, like many others, was going to be unsatisfied. Several of the top-10 rated players wanted higher ratings, too. Kevin Durant, tied at 96 with LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry, wanted to be a 99. LeBron agreed that he should be.

Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, at 95 each, and Luka Doncic, James Harden and Lillard, all at 94, round out the top 10. No one will argue Beal should be rated higher than any of them, but for the only player to average over 30 points each of the last two seasons to fall under 90 is a tad surprising. At 89, the three-time All-Star would be rated the same as Trae Young (who also found his rating questionable) and one point lower than his buddy Jayson Tatum.

If Ronnie’s retweet is a confirmation of Beal’s rating, then it’s the second-known rating for a Wizards player. Rui Hachimura was announced as a 78 by the new NBA 2K Japan page on Thursday.

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