10 Beginner Tips For The Neighborhood

Whether you’re a fan of MyTeam, MyCareer, or The Neighborhood, there is never a shortage of places to hone your basketball skills in NBA 2K20. Many believe that if they are talented at basketball, they will be good at The Neighborhood. They could be right, but there are critical differences between the real sport and the video game.

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Many of the fundamentals of basketball hold, yet you can be terrible at the sport and be good at the video game. Some exploits will make you better than the competition. We will attempt to address some of the ways you can improve your game in NBA 2K20.

Shoot When You’re Wide Open

Don’t be afraid to take shots at pivotal moments in a game. A MyPlayer with a low shot rating can make baskets. Shooting when you’re wide open creates the opportunity for making more baskets. The game rewards players who take smart shots. If an opponent is near you, the game significantly lowers your chance of making a shot. It’s also easier to hit green shots when you’re in the open.

Box-Out Opposing Players

Especially if your character is a Power Forward or Center, it is advantageous to box-out opposing players. One can box-out by holding the left trigger (L2) after the ball is shot. While the ball is falling, a box-out technique will put you between the ball and an opposing player. Mastering this skill is conducive to winning The Neighborhood games.

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Box-out is also an attribute for your MyPlayer, so you will have to assess if your player needs box-out upgrades. Most players benefit from some upgrades to the box-out stat.

Switch It Up!

What do we mean by switching it up? Well, it’s a good idea to add a variety of moves to your basketball repertoire since the game punishes you for using the same moves. If you consistently shoot 3-pointers without passing, the game makes 3-point shots harder to make. Much of NBA 2k20 isn’t about basketball skill, but more about studying the game’s algorithms. It can benefit you in the long-run if you switch it up.

Collect All The Badges

It is recommended to unlock badges from most to least important systematically. Collecting all the badges may seem like a daunting task, but the best players put in the work.

You might want to unlock badges like Quick Draw, Contact Finisher, Rebound Chaser, and Dimer first. These badges will significantly improve your game, yet you’ll still have to play smartly to win games. Badges go a long way, but merely unlocking them won’t win you games.

Pass The Ball

A fundamental part of most team sports is to pass often. In basketball and NBA 2K20, passing will help you win games.

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The Neighborhood contains a variety of pickup games. It also gives you access to Pro-Am and Rec games. There is one fundamental rule that applies to all of NBA 2K20‘s modes. Pass the ball, and pass often.

Make A Specialized Character Instead Of A Well-Rounded One

It’s worth specializing your attributes to get the most effective MyPlayer. Make your character a defensive specialist, or a top-tier shooter. Spend all of your points into Three-Point Shot or make them a phenomenal passer with Pass Accuracy. Do you want your character to drive to the hoop, or would you prefer to shoot baskets from a distance? Answer these questions before you start spending attribute points.

Nail The Shot Meter. Practice Makes Perfect

Spend some time in the MyCourt getting those buckets. Practice makes perfect, so if you want to nail the shot meter with greens, spend some quality time shooting in the MyCourt. Of course, in a game setting, it will be harder to nail shots with opposing players in your face. Nevertheless, practice in the MyCourt can go a long way.

Play With Talented Players

Do you want to know the easiest way to improve your NBA 2K20 skills? Well, head to The Neighborhood and play with talented players. By playing with skillful players, you’ll simultaneously unlock badges and improve your overall gameplay. Learning from the best is a surefire way to get Ws (wins) in The Neighborhood.

Earn VC And Spend On Attributes

We know that NBA 2K20 players get to a point where they can’t level up because they haven’t unlocked enough attribute points. NBA 2K20 a unique game because it’s not pay-to-win, but it does have microtransactions. There is a level of dedication and skill involved in its gameplay. At the same time, beginner players need to spend an abundance of points before they reach the attribute cap. When you first start out in NBA 2K20, spend all your VC on attributes, and not clothing.

Shoot 3s!

Your MyPlayer might not have as high a shot rating as Stephen Curry, but it is possible to make 3-pointers. 3 points is more than 2 points, so make as many 3-point shots as humanly possible. Furthermore, it would help if you spent some time in the MyCareer mode to develop hot zones. Each player has hot zones where they are more likely to make shots. If you’re a Center or Power Forward who can’t make 3-points, pass to players who can.

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