How does the latest edition compare to its predecessors?

NBA 2K22, as promised, has introduced a range of new features, upgrades, and gameplay mechanism transformations. A range of offensive mechanics such as a brand new dunk system, an upgraded game AI, and the number of customizations and quests available in the game has given NBA 2K22 a GTA-esque feel.

While the overall interface of NBA 2K22 resembles the one the series has followed in recent years, a lot of long term players might take time to adjust to the latest edition of the game. In this article, we look at how NBA 2K22 compares to previous editions of the NBA 2K series.

NBA 2K22 review: How does the game compare to previous editions of the game?

First and foremost, the most basic difference between NBA 2K22 and previous editions of the series appears to be the realism that has been brought in. A better defensive AI means that the teams maintain shape with individual defenders having a more realistic chance of stopping offensive player in the game.

One of the biggest criticisms of NBA 2K21 revolved around the fact that even top defenders struggled to stop above-average attackers.

While a few glitches have been reported, the NBA 2K22 defensive mechanisms are comprehensively better than that of previous editions of the game.

Secondly, NBA 2K22 has added dribbling animations and a range of new dribbling moves that is almost immediately apparent for gamers who have played NBA 2K21. The overall offensive AI upgrades are just as apparent in NBA 2K22, with more realistic and dynamic player movement and shooting compared to previous editions.

While this has made shooting a bit more difficult and dependent upon timing, it should also result in players failing to abuse the dunk system that NBA 2K21 had.

Dunking was perhaps the easiest shot to take on NBA 2K21, which certainly is not the case anymore. As far as gameplay is concerned, NBA 2K22 allows a more realistic representation of the game in the sense that finesse and timing are just as important as brute force and speed.

Luka Doncic is the chief cover star for NBA 2K22.
Luka Doncic is the chief cover star for NBA 2K22.

The passing mechanism has received a huge upgrade with more control and customization over individual passes. Overall, while there are a range of mechanisms that even more seasoned players will take some time to master, NBA 2K22 already looks to be the most realistic basketball game of the series.

Finally, another notable change might be the importance of stamina and fatigue. The MyCareer mode allows players to buy stamina boosts in the form of Gatorade packs. However, tired players have a comprehensively lesser chance of making shots, with the career mode in particular also showing more realism with respect to injuries and fatigue over the course of a season.

Of course, the added realism is also accompanied by a range of glitches that have been reported by fans in recent days, something the NBA 2K team is reportedly working to rectify. Overall, the game represents a huge upgrade overall with respect to gameplay alone.

To add to that, the MyCareer and MyNBA modes have a range of new features and upgrades, with a comprehensively larger number of activities and quests available to players to complete. In such a scenario, NBA 2K22 might just be the most promising NBA 2K game of recent years.

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