NBA 2K22: 20 Highest-Rated Players

NBA 2K22 dropped last Friday, 10 September, and reviews thus far are fairly positive. The changes to the in-game mechanics have largely improved gameplay, providing a far more realistic approach. For example, fatigue plays a more crucial role; the more tired your player is, the smaller their shot meter will be. If you refrain from spamming the sprint button, however, you’ll have more control over the ball making it through the hoop.

With it being a sports title, player ratings are always a hot topic, with NBA 2K22 being no different. The NBA 2K Twitter account released a number of ratings ahead of time for the league’s bigger stars, including cover star Luka Doncic, but a full list, understandably, wasn’t known until the game’s release.

For this article, we’re only taking into account the current NBA players. No WNBA, no retired stars, no duplicate characters. It would take some serious maths to work out a list that combined the current NBA teams with the WNBA and all-time teams; there’s 464 players across the current NBA teams alone, after all.

There are no real surprises, though the top twenty does look largely different compared to that of NBA 2K21, particularly within the bottom half…

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