Metroid Dread file-size is only 4.1GB

The big game this month for Nintendo Switch owners (and perhaps quite a few prospective owners) will be Metroid Dread which launches next Friday along with the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Today it;’s been revealed that the file-size for the long awaited return of Samus Aran will only take up 4.1GB on your Nintendo Switch system, putting several third party games to shame. Nintendo have become the masters of Switch file compression so you should easily have room for the game on your Switch or Micro SD Card.

Here’s the file-sizes of Metroid games over the years:

  • Metroid 59KB
  • Metroid 2 return of Samus 107 – 112kb
  • Super Metroid 3MB
  • Metroid Fusion 8MB
  • Metroid Dread 4.1GB
  • Metroid prime 1GB
  • Metroid prime 2 1GB
  • Metroid prime 3 1.7GB

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