Random: This Guy Can Reload Anything Like A Gun In An FPS, Including A Toaster


We’ve all found ourselves strange new hobbies during the pandemic lockdowns, haven’t we? Some of us have picked up crochet or gardening, while others have gotten really into making miniatures and spending way too much on Pokémon plushes.

This guy — Karl Schecht, or “Kommander Karl” on social media — got really into reloading things as if they were weapons in a first-person shooter.

Schecht is also a video game environment artist, currently working at California-based studio Free Range Games. But when he’s not making lush 3D environments, he’s loading toast into a toaster (and, apparently, breaking it).

Maybe it’s time we all start injecting a little more FPS into our lives. Staplers and batteries will never be so boring again.

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