In this hallucinatory MMO, everyone’s a baby and nothing’s what it seems

I’m a baby and I can’t find the key to get into Daddy’s Room. There are no hints or clues as to where it might be, and the glaring red hell dimension around Daddy’s Room isn’t exactly baby-friendly. Looking to other baby players for guidance, I try to follow them to see what they’re doing. One leads me to a hidden room filled with blinding white light, and another—a menacing black ghoul-baby with hollow white eyes—mirthlessly watches me fall off the broken walkway to Daddy’s Room. Clearly there are no friends here. Only babies. 

I’m playing Lets Go! Baby! Friends World, a shared-world multiplayer game that was made in just four days. Its proud parent is indie developer Feverdream Johnny, known for bizarro platformer Peeb’s Adventures and his lo-rez work with the Haunted PS1 community. The all-too-believable fiction of LGBFW is that it was once a thriving baby-themed social sim from 2001 that fell into obscurity and since “resurfaced in hobbyist circles”, according to its itch page.

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