NBA 2K21 and the New Neighborhood

NBA 2K21 is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming sports games. Fans all over the world have enjoyed the 2K series for decades, and this newest entry into the franchise looks to come alongside the next generation of consoles, which only adds to the excitement for NBA 2k21.

The reveal of NBA 2K21 emphasized updated graphics and extreme detail. There’s little doubt that next NBA 2k will look good, but the gameplay and features of the new title are what matter to most players.


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Over the years, there have been many modes and features that have taken center stage within the basketball simulator. In fact, there are features that fans would like to see return to NBA 2K. The Neighborhood is one of the most popular ideas within the 2K games, but it looks to be changing moving forward.


2K Sports has been sending out hints to the fanbase about the changes moving forward for the world-famous basketball video game. “The next generation’s different.” “2K21 is changing the game.” Along with multiple things being blanked out and hidden, the most interesting redacted piece of information has to do with the popular Neighborhood mode. “You thought we forgot about The Neighborhood? It’s REDACTED now.”

What is The Neighborhood

nab 2k online

The Neighborhood is the playground of NBA 2K. It allows players to compete in basketball games, ride bikes, buy clothing, and more, online with friends. Effectively the My Player hub, The Neighborhood allows for pick up matches, earn rep, gain unlocks, and explore. There have been tons of secrets hidden in The Neighborhood.

MyCourt is located within The Neighborhood, as players can work towards upgrading the highrise court. The NBA Store, Swag’s Main Street Clothing, and 2K Shoes allow players to purchase apparel for both inside of NBA games and to wear in The Neighborhood itself. The barbershop and tattoo parlor are also located inside of The Neighborhood, so players can truly alter the appearance of their basketball player to their heart’s content. The extremely popular and loved MyTEAM mode can also be found here.

What Changes Could Come to The Neighborhood

nba 2k neighborhood

The Neighborhood will apparently be no more. NBA 2k21 is focusing on fast load times, great graphics, and more, but the changes to The Neighborhood will be perhaps the most important updates to the new basketball game, as it is one of the most beloved modes/features.

The biggest change that could be coming to the mode is the size. It is possible that “The Neighborhood” will become “The City,” with the ability to traverse a much larger area. Many fans are hoping that the mode is expanded on. In its current state, the area of play in the online mode is quite small. It’s possible that, instead of feeling like a small enclosed area, the mode becomes something that can be explored, with basketball courts and mini-games and fun to be had around every corner, almost like a basketball version of GTA Online.

To come alongside a larger online playfield, the return of Park Affiliations would be a popular move. Park Affiliations allow players to join different groups and compete against players of the other Park Affiliations. As fun as the mode was in 2016, as it has long been gone in NBA 2K, it still had a smaller feeling. If players could compete across the city against each other and be rewarded with courts and more for each Affiliation that is winning, it would be a great expansion of the classic mode.

The new Neighborhood could also come with more and better customization. If players could even have their own apartments, it would be neat if they could customize the look and feel of them, inside and out. The Crib was a feature in previous NBA 2K games that allowed for total customization of the penthouse that each person owned. Furthering that customization would be splendid.

In the end, whatever this new Neighborhood is, it has a lot to compete with when it comes to what is already in place. However, if the mode became a city, if the size and features are expanded upon, if the Park Affiliations returned, then it could be an even bigger and better beloved feature.

NBA 2K21 releases Fall 2020.

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