TFT Set 6 Tips and Tricks [11.22]

Hi everyone! Over a week has passed since the premiere of Set 6, and players all over the world are finding new ways to play every day. There are endless possibilities for combinations between traits, units, and augments to be made. Here are some fun tips and tricks for TFT Set 6, for players to try in their next game.

Woodland Charm + Reroll Comp


Woodland charm clones the unit with the most health, which usually is the biggest front-liner. However, in many cases (especially during midgame), if the front line is 1 or even 2-starred, a 3-star backline carry will have more HP, therefore getting cloned from the augment. Only having 1200 HP is not bad at all for a back-liner, and the damage stats are identical to the original. Although it spawns without items, who can say no to an extra 3-star Kog’Maw?

Note: Having the most HP also means Enforcers stun your carry, so be careful.

Stand United + Single Standing Trait Holders

Stand united gives buffs for each trait being procced on the board. There is no limitation on how many units are required to proc said trait. When running this augment, units like Yuumi, Jayce, and even Taric (with socialite) can add to the pool of traits single-handedly. Try to run as many of these traits as possible, to get the most out of the free stat buffs. Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that these units cannot utilize the “Built Different” Augment, for the same reason.

Underdogs + Colossus


Underdogs proc if the player has fewer units than the opponent. Nowhere does it say players can’t have a unit with the power of two units. Playing a Colossus unit with the augment allows players to have a powerful unit on their board, but also uses its demerits to proc healing for the already tanky front-liner, as well as a player’s entire team. This combo is definitely the best way to take advantage of being forced to use two unit slots for the one champion.

Featherweight + Yordle


The infamous Yordle comp actually has a rather slept-on combo. The Featherweight augment buffs all 1 and 2 cost units. What better comp to use it on, than the comp that 3-stars everything? Now that players have been itemizing Tristana as the carry for Yordle comps, the attack speed buff is well needed. It may not be as good as 6 Hellions, but it is indeed a lovely tribute.

Phony Frontline + Voracious Appetite (Mutant trait)

TFT Set 6 tips


Voracious Appetite is a potential trait for Mutants that grants AD&AP every time an allied unit dies. Contrary to common misconception, this ally doesn’t have to be one of the Mutants. It can be any unit being played, which of course includes the target test dummies. Try to position the test dummies to be destroyed quickly at the beginning of the round, so Mutants can start attacking with the buff already procced twice for free.


There are plenty more combos to try, and even more which are not even found yet. Although players can’t force specific augments to appear, having some fun combos in the back pocket may lead to some game-changing decisions. Why not take some time to look for a fun perfect fit?

Wishing everyone the best of luck on their climb, and don’t forget to have fun!

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