NBA 2K League Season 5 Tryout Process Revealed

On Monday, October 4, the NBA 2K League revealed the tryout process for its upcoming fifth season.

It all begins with the NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series. It began on October 4 and runs through December 5.

Per a press release provided by NBA 2K League: “Every NBA 2K League team can host up to three NBA 2K22 Pro-Am tournaments one on each next-generation console and one on either current-generation console. All players on the winning team from each team-hosted tournament—on both current-generation consoles and next-generation consoles—will be made eligible for the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft. NBA 2K League teams will also be able to select one player not on the winning team of each tournament they host to receive a “Prospect Badge” and become Draft-eligible.”

Players who gain entry into the draft through this process will not be eligible for other qualifying tournaments.

Other Qualifiers

With the league entering into an exclusive partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the latter is presenting the “Scouting Grounds” tournament series for North American and European draft hopefuls.

There will be seven tournaments running from October 4 through December 4.

PS4 for North America will happen on October 16 and November 20.

PS4 tournaments for Europe will take place on November 6

PlayStation 5 tournaments for North America will be held on October 4, November 13, and December 4. The tournaments for Europe will be on October 25.

“All players on the winning team of each tournament will be made eligible for the 2022 Draft. All tournaments will be 1v1.”

The last line there is an interesting one considering the NBA 2K League isn’t based on 1v1 play. We’ve seen crossover between the two styles of 2K with NBA 2K Leaguers seeing success in MyTeam tournaments. However, there is still bound to be some level of criticism for this sort of draft qualifier.

The Combine

The NBA 2K League Draft Combine returns on December 13 and it runs through the 18th. Every player who has qualified for the Combine “will compete in high-intensity gameplay in front of NBA 2K League general managers and coaches. All hopefuls must compete in the Combine to retain draft-eligibility.”

This year, the league is offering up one of its original programs “BFW Live” as a platform for more exposure to hopefuls. Players will have the ability to submit their best clips for showcase on BFW Live. Chosen players may be awarded spots in the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft pool based on this exposure.

According to a 2K League press release: “Players who want to be featured and considered for the Draft should submit their best NBA2K22 highlights to the NBA 2K League by replying to designated social media posts on Twitter (NBA2KLeague).”

Additional Opportunities to Land in the NBA 2K League Draft Pool

In an effort to continue to diversify the league’s player base, there will be additional draft eligibility offered to select international players, well-known and skilled players in the 2K community as well as participants in the Women in Gaming Initiative.

Brian Mazique worked as an NBA 2K League insider from March-September 2021.

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