“NBA 2K is trash… I think y’all just hating”: Clippers’ Marcus Morris disses game developers after being rated lower than rookies Cade Cunningham and Jalen Green

Clippers forward Marcus Morris majorly hits out at NBA 2K22 after catching wind of his latest ratings on the game


Marcus Morris has fast become one of the more underrated 3-and-D players in the league. And frankly, it just isn’t talked about enough by the NBA community.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the man can be a serious menace to society when he wants to. However, his ability on the court is undeniable. The man’s defense, while toeing the line of legal at times, has proven essential to the Clippers on far too many occasions already. And to add to that, he has the ability to hit difficult shots in clutch moments. As a role player, he could just stand amongst the best in the league.

So when somebody has proven himself to be as good a player as Mr. Morris has, you’d expect them to get a pretty good NBA 2K rating right? Well, it seems the game developers can’t help but disagree, something that may have waged a war between them and the player.

You’re going to want to see this.

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Marcus Morris gets an overall rating of 78, and then hits out at NBA 2K on Twitter

Now, for context here, Cade Cunningham is an 80 overall, Jalen Green is a 79, and Evan Mobley is a 78. These are rookies.

Don’t get us wrong, we believe all three of them are going to have really, really good careers. But none of these athletes have played a regular-season game yet. And on the other hand, Morris is a proven veteran, who has stepped up for different franchises in the playoffs. Frankly, this is just a bit disrespectful now. And it seems the Clipper saw it no differently. Peep the tweet below.

Honestly, we can’t even disagree with what he says here. And he isn’t even close to the only player who has a problem with their rating.

At this point, we just hope that the game developers decided to rate everybody a bit lower than usual, to leave room for improvement as the season goes on. Otherwise, let’s just say the rest of the NBA community is going to have a bone to pick with them throughout the year.

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