Best NBA 2K Betting Sites for 2022

If you’re an avid basketball fan, we don’t need to tell you how the NBA is the yardstick title for betting on the sport online. It comes as no surprise why the league would partner with Take-Two Interactive, a leading game publisher, to craft the popular esports game NBA 2K. Sure, it’s not as big as other esports games, but it boasts a growing following of basketball sports betting loyalists. And with the increasing niche of punters eagerly following the game, several bookmakers are now offering the game. Your task is to select which platforms from the bunch are worth partnering with to enjoy wagering on the high-profile game. Because the reality is not all of them are worth joining.

But that’s where we come in; to give you a rundown of the best NBA 2K betting sites that we’ve reviewed using a fine-toothed comb. Your only job is to choose one. Take a look at the best NBA 2K Betting Sites below: 

  • Mr Play Esports
  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Pinnacle
  • GG.Bet
  • 888Sport
  • Betsafe


18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.


18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

100% Deposit Bonus Up to $200

T&Cs Apply

Deposit $50 – Play with $100

18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

18+, Welcome Bonus: Only for new players, first deposit, minimum deposit: €10, maximum €100 bonus, valid for 14 days.

Factors of The Best NBA 2K Betting Sites

We’re not easily fazed by the bells and whistles some NBA 2K betting sites use to lure punters. We’ve been around the esports betting block long enough to separate the real deal from the opportunistic betting site. The following factors we use to single out the best platforms have never failed us.

License to Operate

Joining an unlicensed NBA 2K betting platform is something we never encourage. That’s why we make it a point to uncover a platform’s legal position. Moreover, we prefer sites that hold licenses from well-known gambling bodies. Licensed esports betting platforms regulated by reputable authorities encourage fair wagering and don’t violate gamblers’ rights. On the other hand, unlicensed bookies with zero regulations, tend to infringe on punters’ rights with no accountability whatsoever. Plus, they tend to skimp on things like security, safety, and privacy.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Many bettors can agree that the whole point of esports online betting is to make lucrative bets and land a win. That’s, of course, aside from enjoying the thrill associated with the game. Punters expect to deposit and withdraw seamlessly on the site. The type of banking methods the platforms avails directly impacts this. That’s why we check the types of banking methods available and whether they encourage safe and efficient payouts. Any platform you see on our site impresses in this regard.

Betting Options

When you talk of popular esports betting sports, we usually talk about Dota 2 betting sites or the best FIFA betting sites. What of NBA 2K? Not so much. As such, there are limited betting options. You’ll need to search far and wide to find options that provide both variety and value. You can decide to go on the hunt yourself. Or you could save yourself a great deal of time and hassle by

checking out our recommendations. After all, we only provide you with only the best NBA 2K betting platforms with the most competitive markets.

NBA2K Esports Bonuses

NBA 2K esports betting platforms dish out different types of bonuses to new and existing customers. You should claim the betting bonus that you’re most comfortable with after going through its Terms and Conditions. The following are examples of NBA 2K esports bonuses you can expect to claim.

Match Deposit Bonuses

Match deposit bonuses continue to be the most popular type of promo offered by esports betting sites to new customers. With this offer, the betting platform matches your initial wager with a certain percentage. The majority of NBA 2K betting sites offer percentages between 25% and 100%. If you find a bookie offering you a 100% match deposit bonus, expect your initial deposit to be doubled. However, most sportsbooks cap the bonus limit.

Cashback bonuses

Bookmakers aim to retain existing punters by offering cashback bonuses. As you know, placing losing bets isn’t something you can never run away from, no matter how skilled you are. When this happens, some bookies refund you a percentage of the amount you lose so that you can have another go. Rarely can you withdraw the cashback. Instead, you can use it to make another wager.

No deposit bonuses

Betting sites that lead the pack offer no deposit bonuses to punters. Such bookies understand the hesitation some punters might face when joining a new site. Allowing you to place your first bet for free is a good enough reason to overcome your fears and familiarize yourself with the platform. Usually, you only need to register with the platform to claim the exciting bonus. But the beauty of it all is that if your wager wins, you win real money. No deposit bonuses can come in the form of free cash or free bets, depending on the site in question.

NBA2K Betting Markets

As previously alluded to, NBA 2K fans have the shorter end of the stick when it comes to esports betting markets, especially when comparing with other games. But that in no way means the available betting markets won’t give you real value for your money. The following are the most popular NBA 2K betting markets you can choose from to maximize your winning odds. Simply select a betting market you’re most comfortable with, depending on your level of expertise.

Match Outcome

Arguably the most popular betting market in NBA 2K, match outcome bets are fairly simple to place. You only need to predict the team you think will win the game, whether Away or Home. You don’t need to be an NBA 2K guru to make such bets. More often than not, basic knowledge of the teams playing will suffice. You can make use of the bookmaker’s odds to place your bets. The team with the positive (+) odds is deemed the underdog, while the team with the negative (-) odds is the favorite.

Props Bets

Instead of focusing on match outcomes, you can take it a step further and place player bets. As expected, detailed knowledge of the individual players regarding their strong and weak points will come in handy. That’s because you need to predict aspects like the number of points, steals, rebounds, assists, turnovers, or blocks an individual player is likely to have during a game. Prop bets are very popular with regular NBA and also with Overwatch betting websites, and they seem to be among the most prominent with NBA 2K, which isn’t surprising given the endless entertaining options at your disposal.

Quarter Props Bets

Quarter props bets are among the newest types of bets you can place during NBA 2K wagering. Instead of predicting the winner after the entire game, you can wager on every quarter of the game. And, you can predict the winner in each quarter of the match. These are less risky bets compared to waiting to predict the winner after the game ends.

Finding Your Own NBA2K Betting Site

The dynamics of betting on NBA 2K are slightly different from wagering on the traditional sport. But if you follow these expert tips, you might just beat the odds and score big.

Research is paramount

First things first, it’s important that you research before placing your bets. Start by understanding how the game of basketball works. From there, you can gather information on the top teams, players, and their current form. Keep abreast with information relating to player injuries or changes in the lineup. The more you know about a team, the higher your chances of placing winning odds.

Compare odds

While researching is an integral part of esports betting, it goes hand-in-hand with comparing odds. However, you’ll find that esports bettings odds are mostly comparable across different sites. To get the best odds, you can look out for betting platforms offering special promotions that’ll offer better odds on your bet of interest. As such, it’s pretty wise to have several esports betting accounts for such purposes. That way, you can take advantage of the best odds at any given time.

Wager What You Can Afford to Lose

Gambling is all fun and games until you wager your savings away. To avoid this, responsibly approaching gambling is crucial. Even more so if you’re wagering on the esports betting scene because it’s extremely volatile. You should make it a point to only wager money you can afford to lose and nothing more. Ideally, we’d encourage you to wager 1/20th of the money that is in your bank account.

Avoid Chasing Your Losses

With esports betting, you’ll win some and lose some. That’s just the nature of the game. So, it’s always wise to accept any losses and move on. Trying to recover your losses is never a good idea and might cause you to make irrational bets. In the same vein, the moment you find yourself enjoying a winning streak, avoid becoming overzealous and start increasing your wagering amounts. One loss is all it takes to reverse your good fortune! So bet smart and keep a level head always.

Watch Live Stream Where Possible

Some esports betting platforms allow you to watch the game you wager on play out in real-time. Take advantage of that feature if you can. Why? Apart from keeping tabs on your wager, you can observe why your bet won or lost. Such feedback will help you make better and more informed decisions on future NBA 2K games.

Popular NBA2K Esports Leagues

NBA 2K enthusiasts have several leagues they can participate in depending on their preference. We’ll outline the most popular leagues on the market below.

NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K league has to be the best major event you can dive into. It mirrors the real-life NBA season allowing teams to sign, cut, or draft players from their team. Plus, it lasts as long as the traditional counterpart, complete with playoffs at the end. The best team is crowned the 2K champion and tries to retain the throne the following season. And the winner pockets $450,000 while the remaining teams in the playoffs go head-to-head to win $630,000.

NBA 2K ESL Championship

The NBA 2K ESL Championship is as popular as the 2K league. And it joins the likes of Dota 2 and CS: GO in the esports league competition. It’s among the most anticipated competitions and boasts high odds on several betting platforms. Part of its appeal lies in the fact that the tournament plays using the best of 2 series approach or format. And every team can beat anyone!

NBA 2K Global Championships

If you’re new to NBA 2K betting, you might want to pencil the Global Championships in your diary. It’s the tournament to keep on your betting radar thanks to its highly competitive nature and hefty $100,000 cash prize for the winner.

Do NBA 2K Betting Sites Offer Livestreaming?

With NBA 2K enjoy a steady following, some betting sites offering the game make it a point to make punters’ experience more pleasurable. As a result, they allow bettors to wager on the game as it takes place. That means you don’t have to wait to place wagers prior to the game. We round up the best NBA 2K platform offering live betting. The sites we pick offer favorable odds and make it easy to place in-play wagers without making the task complex or laborious. Should you wish to try out this progressive feature, feel free to choose one of the following sites.

NBA2K Betting Sites Final Thoughts

The esports betting scene is growing fairly rapidly. As such, you’ll find a long list of betting platforms offering NBA 2K betting. While the thought of having numerous NBA 2K betting options is appealing, it’s not uncommon to cross paths with scam sites. That’s why we’re here to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. We take the liberty to review only the best, trusted, and secure sites. After security, we look for platforms that avail fair bonuses and promotions, including reputable banking platforms. Because we want your betting efforts to be fruitful, we throw in a couple of pro tips you can take advantage of. Let us help you kick start your NBA 2K betting experience the right way.

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