Everything New In NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes

NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes is coming to the game Friday, May 20, just in time for the NBA Conference Finals, and the update will feature big additions for MyCareer, MyTeam, and The W. The event is a follow-up to the popular NBA 2K21 Age of Heroes from last year, bringing with it more content to keep fans playing.

The superstar headlining Season 7 of NBA 2K22 is Joel Embiid, MVP Finalist and scoring champion from the Philadelphia 76ers. The rewards for this season are exciting, from unusual cosmetics to stacked MyTeam cards,  which means Return of Heroes should have something for nearly all types of players. However, as usual, there doesn’t seem to be any new content coming to NBA 2K22‘s franchise mode, which is the biggest disappointment.


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There are plenty of interesting rewards and modes for players to enjoy in NBA 2K22‘s new season. MyCareer has cosmetic rewards like a jetpack, MyTeam has events and dominant cards to earn, and other modes are getting some new content as well. Some of these rewards will differ according to a player’s platform, with next-gen players getting some different rewards than current-gen players.

NBA 2K22 Season 7 MyCareer Cosmetics Headlined By A Jetpack

A custom player from NBA 2K22 wearing a purple shirt and a purple jetpack.

A big NBA 2K22 new to Season 7: Return of Heroes is an earnable jetpack. However, this new item comes with some caveats. To earn it, players have to reach Level 40 in Season 7. The Jetpack reward is also only available to current-gen players on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, where it can be used to fly around NBA 2K22‘s improved City. Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC will instead earn an NBA Mascot costume as their Level 40 reward. For level 30, current-gen players will get a random NBA mascot costume, while PC and older console players players will unlock an Affiliation Mascot of their choosing. No other rewards were concretely announced, but it’s likely the rest of the rewards will also be fun gadgets and intricate costumes.

As for the competition between MyPlayers, TKO is back. In TKO, players can rise a floor for each win in a three-on-three game, where a higher floor means tougher opponents. Lose a game, and you get knocked down to the previous floor. Lose three games in a row, and your squad is eliminated from the competition. Event rewards for TKO are quite valuable, including Skill Boosts and up to 10,000 VC. For cosmetics, players can look forward to earning Boxing Shorts and Boxing Gloves to equip their MyPlayer with.

MyTeam: Season 7 Brings Cards & New Modes To 2K22

Anthony Edwards performing a dunk. To his left, a Pink Diamond MyTeam card of him.

New cards coming to NBA 2K22‘s controversial, microtransaction-heavy MyTeam mode are sure to make an impact on the game’s meta. Each player will start with the level 1 reward: a Hero Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson. At the power forward position, Zion’s high-flying acrobatics are sure to make a huge splash on any lineup he finds his way into. Also new with Return of Heroes are Murals, back from 2K21‘s Age of Heroes season. In the season menu, players will find 30 Champions and Challengers to create a mural in players’ collections. These Galaxy Opal and Dark Matter players, though, won’t be decided until the conclusion of the NBA Finals. The Challengers Collection will consist of Galaxy Opal players, while the champions will be Dark Matter. This means players still have plenty of time to prepare to obtain this season’s collection reward for completing the Challengers’ mural: Invincible Joel Embiid, who is sure to break the game no matter your skill level. As for the Champions Collection, 2K has not yet revealed this reward but promises it won’t be a coach like last year’s reward. There will also be periodic drops of new Evolution and Dynamic Duo cards.

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Along with new MyTeam cards, a new Season Rewind Domination tier will be coming with the new cards in the NBA 2K22 Season 7 update. Unlike other rewinds this year, which looked to the past, this season’s rewind looks to NBA 2K22‘s predicted future, using current team rosters to include updated rosters, including the league’s rookies. Rewards that players can look forward to earning some pretty nifty rewards by completing this mode, including MyTeam points, Tokens, and Hall of Fame Badges to apply to their players. The completion reward for Season 7’s Domination Rewind mode is an Invincible Tim Hardaway, earned by earning all 99 stars in the new Domination Rewind. In addition, new Playoff Moment agendas will be dropping with impactful moments cards to earn throughout the Conference Finals and NBA Finals.

2K Beats & The W Also Get Updates In NBA 2K22: Return of Heroes

A graphic showing a crossover between 2K Beats: The Search and Soundcloud

One thing sports games more consistently get right is their soundtracks, and NBA 2K22 is expanding its track list with winners of 2K’s annual 2K Beats: The Search contest. 2K players were asked to submit original tracks for the chance to have their work featured in the game, and 10 lucky fans are being added to the track list in Season 7. An additional 10 tracks from this contest will be coming in Season 8. The full track list of the Season 7 contest winners is:

  • Jamari Parish (feat. Maestro Musik) – “Summit”
  • J Nolan – “Splash”
  • Lulu Be – “Gimme Dat”
  • Neek – “Shaggy”
  • Samad Savage (feat. Lex Bratcher & Drok) – “Mama I Made It”
  • Third Coast Chris – “Cruise Control Pt. 2”
  • OttoMattic – “Rounds (Part 3)”
  • 4KPHIL – “Young Picasso”
  • KC Carter – “Cash Flow”
  • Shiwan – “The Arrival”

Last but not least is NBA 2K22‘s The W Online mode, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game. With the WNBA season just starting, The W is celebrating with a pair of college teammates and WNBA legends as rewards: Tamika Catchings and Chamique Holdsclaw. Other rewards that players can earn include a Takeover Perk Picker, 4,000 VC, and a Seasonal Clothing Bundle.

NBA 2K22 keeps getting updates, and will likely continue to get updates despite 2K’s sports game crossoversNBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes releases on May 20. With this season boasting so much new content for players to both earn and play, Season 7 should have enough content to keep players of all modes busy all season long.

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