Epic Games Store’s Free Mystery Game for June 2 Has to Do the Impossible

The Epic Games Store has been on a hot streak, releasing great game after great game. It seems to have turned that dial up a notch for its end of May/early June selection. Mystery games in May are not new for Epic Games Store, having given away GTA 5 and NBA 2K21/Among Us as mystery games in May before, but the past couple of weeks have been something different.

The first mystery game was Borderlands 3, which was a solid enough giveaway while Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is bringing some attention back to the franchise. The second was an even bigger move, giving away the entire BioShock collection on Epic Games Store. This includes the first game, second game, and third game, with the first and third games particularly being some of the highest-rated games in the industry.


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Of course, this puts the Epic Games Store into a little bit of a bind. With such critical acclaim and the confirmation of another EGS mystery game on June 2, the question is how EGS can even follow this. After all, it’s not just one game or one highly celebrated game, but a collection of them all.

How Can Epic Games Store’s Mystery June Game Top BioShock

Some Epic Games Store users have developed an interesting theory on the mystery games. It should be noted that two is only a coincidence, whereas three is a pattern, so this theory is on the presumption that the first two games indicate a pattern. Namely, both Borderlands 3 and BioShock are published by 2K Games, leading many to believe that the next game will also be 2K-published. This narrows it down quite a bit, with many hoping for the Mafia trilogy, or at least Mafia: Definitive Edition, to follow BioShock.

Mafia is a beloved franchise, and while it may not necessarily hold a candle to BioShock, following a trilogy with a trilogy would be a smart move. Matching BioShock in quality would be hard, even if it were not a 2K Games title, but it’s not impossible either. Matching it in quantity though, either way, could be a smart move. Turning a giveaway of three games into something more like seven would make everyone happy, even those who own it on other consoles.

In general, BioShock is a tough act to follow. It’s such foreign territory that it’s hard to know whether to expect something big or to temper expectations. The surprise, of course, is great for Epic Games Store, and fans will know on June 2 how EGS tries to follow BioShock.

Epic Games Store users get a handful of free games every month.

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