NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trailer, Dreamer Edition and More

2K has started the morning off hot with an all-new NBA 2K23 showcasing the brand new MyCareer experience. As always, you can catch the trailer in its entirety above, and the details below.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer Trailer and Details

2K revealed details about the all-new MyCareer experience in NBA 2K23. 2K notes what has been shown so far is specifically for Next/Current Gen consoles and includes the largest, most involved storyline in franchise history.

The story begins following the NBA Draft and challenges players to balance their performance in the NBA while navigating their off-court careers as well. This means dabbling in extra endeavors common with athletes like music, fashion, and business. In addition to an already rich cast of characters, MyCareer features Dreamville musicians, Elite and Bas, as they help players befriend J. Cole and capture the “hearts and minds” of The City.

In addition, the MyCareer mode aims to be a blend of music and basketball culture. The trailer reveals J. Cole as the cover star for the NBA 2K23 Dreamer Edition set to drop this fall. As mentioned, this edition launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Furthermore, the Dreamer Edition will be available exclusively at GameStop in the US and Canada. The Dreamer Edition adds to J. Cole’s already standout accomplishments as a Grammy Award winning multi-platinum hip-hop artist and certified baller. Lastly, if you’ve missed any of the news, make sure to catch up with what we know so far.

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