Top 5 Dunkers in NBA 2K23

One of the most exciting things about the game of basketball is dunking. There are athletic players who are capable of putting anyone on a poster. Here are the top 5 dunkers in NBA 2K23. Check out the information we have covered so far from NBA 2K23.

Five Highest Ranked Dunkers in NBA 2K23

Ja Morant- Memphis Grizzlies- 97 DNK

One of the most exciting additions to the NBA is Ja Morant. Ja’s leaping ability is reminiscent of a young Russell Westbrook. In his three-year career, Morant has put multiple people on posters, and his highlight reel seems to keep growing. 

Zion Williamson- New Orleans Pelicans- 97 DNK

Don’t let his absence last season fool you; Zion Williamson is still one of the league’s best dunkers. Not many people can stop Zion from getting to the rack. When healthy, Zion will put the league back on notice.

Anthony Edwards- Minnesota Timberwolves- 95 DNK

Anthony Edwards showed the world why he was the first pick of the 2020 Draft. Edwards put career-high numbers across the board and put Yuta Watanabe on one of the nastiest posters of all time. Ant-Man can do it all. A-1 since day one.

Zach Lavine- Chicago Bulls- 95 DNK

Despite a somewhat injury-marred season, Zach Lavine is still as gifted as they come. There is a reason he’s won two dunk contests back to back. Lavine is one of the most exciting in-game dunkers since Vince Carter. Though he has changed his game to compliment his shot-creation, Lavine is capable of throwing down a man’s jam.

Aaron Gordon- Denver Nuggets- 95 DNK

Aaron Gordon should have at least one Dunk Contest trophy on his mantle. Despite the lack of hardware, Gordon is among the most creative dunkers in the NBA. The tandem of he, Nikola Jokic, and Jamal Murray will be one to watch in seasons to come.

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