NBA 2K21: Best Jumpshots

NBA 2K21‘s Jump Shot Creator gives players a ton of options when it comes to putting together custom jumpshots, and many fans are currently hard at work trying to find the jumpers that suit them best. Indeed, locking in a great jumpshot is critical to a player’s success in NBA 2K21, and this guide looks to outline some of the best options that fans can try in these early days of the game.

For full clarity, NBA 2K21 players can immediately access the game’s Jump Shot Creator by opening the MyPLAYER Appearance tab once in the Neighborhood. This is not exactly how things worked in NBA 2K20, where players needed to unlock the ability to create custom jumpshots by completing drills at the Team Practice Facility, and fans that are coming directly from that title may be happy to know that the Jump Shot Creator becomes available even more quickly this time around.


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It is also worth mentioning that players should not expect the custom jumpshots outlined here to immediately fix their shooting. While fans should be able to ultimately find success with any of these jumpers, using them will not supplant the need to learn how to shoot well in NBA 2K21, bad shooters are going to hate this game and no jumper is going to fix that. Additionally, players will see their jumpshots improve as they obtain more powerful Shooting Badges, and thus they should not get too discouraged if they are not making many baskets at the very beginning of their time with the game.

Updated on August 4th, 2021 by Hodey Johns: This is the time of year when lots of new players find their way into NBA 2K21. Seems like it’s a year too late? Well, yes, but that’s exactly the point. The game will go on deep sale, even for free sometimes, in light of the upcoming NBA 2K22. So this guide will reach a new set of eyes. And it’s never too late; these jumpshots are rarely adjusted from year to year, so finding one that works nicely in this year’s game translates to having a seamless transition into next year’s game. This article has been updated to describe which kind of players should consider each shot.

NBA 2K21: Best Jumpshots

Jumpshot 1

  • Base: Dwayne Wade
  • Release 1: Release 13
  • Release 2: Release 45
  • Release Speed: 3/4
  • Animation Blending: 50/50

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The best thing about this jumpshot is how forgiving it is. Even at deep three-point range, the sweet spot is gigantic. So if players are having a tough time getting anything to land that isn’t a slam dunk, this is the number one selection.

The release speed does take a fraction of a second longer than some of the other jumpers, so on career mode when it’s hard to get open, this can be a toughie. But when hopping against other players or with a coordinated team, all it takes is one brief screen and it’s splash time!

Jumpshot 2

  • Base: Dwayne Wade
  • Release 1: Trae Young
  • Release 2: Release 70
  • Release Speed: Max
  • Animation Blending: 40/60

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This is another incredible shot capable of draining threes, but it requires more talent to pull off. The green area is smaller, not invisible, but certainly more difficult than with Jumpshot 1. The payoff for mastering the timing? Being able to sink hoops while running away or while sizing up opponents.

It’s all about the speed of the release and the quickness in which this shot gets pulled off. Think of how often there is a window to shoot a longball, only to have that window shut by the player animation of turning around. This shot isn’t just quick off of the hands, it’s quick off of the feet, too. Run to the perimeter and put it up; no need to stop regain balance.

Jumpshot 3

  • Base: Jump Shot 98
  • Release 1: Vince Carter
  • Release 2: Vince Carter
  • Release Speed: Max
  • Animation Blending: 60/40

By using both Vince Carter releases, sports fans can probably guess what this jumper’s expertise is. The catch and release accuracy with this shot is second to none. After catching the ball, it’s up so quickly that players might think their game dropped some frames.

Catch and release is fantastic in MyCareer mode with the right build as a two guard. In the park, it takes some coordination. Get somebody else to draw off a defender and have a couple of unselfish teammates. Their selfishness will be rewarded by a flurry of threes and blowout wins.

Jumpshot 4

  • Base: Jump Shot 38
  • Release 1: Rudy Gay
  • Release 2: Rudy Gay
  • Release Speed: Max
  • Animation Blending: 40/60

One final thing to say about jumpshots in NBA 2K21 is that the size of a player can limit the bases that are available to them in Jump Shot Creator. More specifically, players that are above 6’9″ cannot access the bases of smaller Guards like Dwayne Wade (unless one of the nifty mods eliminates this restriction), and thus several of the jumpers detailed above will not be usable in every position. That said, Jumpshot 4 is designed specifically for larger Centers, which means that fans should be able to try out at least one of the jumpshots found in this guide regardless of the player that they are working with.

Feel free to tinker around with the options! It’s shocking how much players are still learning by tinkering. The differences are quite substantial and each gamer will have a preference for what they’re looking for. On easier settings, don’t be ashamed to slow down the shot. Anything coming off of a screen should have an extensive window before needing to get a shot off instantly.

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