G.Skill pushes DDR5 to new heights with a DDR5-6800 CL32 memory kit

G.Skill has announced the release of the fastest DDR5 memory kit to date (opens in new tab). At DDR5-6800 with a CAS latency of 32, the kit offers a tantalizing combination of high speed and low latency. G.Skill also announced a 2x32GB 6400MHz CL32 kit. This one really does raise the bar for high capacity DDR5.

The Trident Z5 RGB 32GB (2x16GB) kit is rated to run at DDR5-6800 CL32-45-45-108. The operating voltage and IC weren’t revealed, but given the timings, highly binned Hynix would be my guess, with a voltage of at least 1.4. However, we’re almost a year into the life of DDR5, and second-generation ICs are certain to appear at some point. Until we get the kit on our test bench, it’s just a guess.

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