Top NBA 2K Games of All Time

NBA 2K23 looks to be a landmark game with big improvements and new strides made across the board. And with its recent release, we decided to take a look at the road that paved way for this year’s game. Check out our list of the top three NBA 2K games of all time.

Top NBA 2K Games of All Time

It is safe to say that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. If you love this sport, then you are definitely searching for NJ sportsbook promotions and enjoying yourself during this EuroBasket and you may be searching for ways to play basketball while you are waiting for your national team to play their game. One of the best things you can do is play basketball video games. Here are some of the best basketball video games of all time.

NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 released in October 2010 and featured several new gameplay mechanics, as well as updated graphics and animations. One of the most important gameplay mechanics was the ability to call for pick-and-rolls. This allowed players to create space for themselves on the court and make better use of their teammates. In addition, the updated graphics and animations gave the game a realistic feel. NBA 2K11 created a landmark in immersion for the series.

2K11 also featured the Jordan Challenge mode, a mode allowing fans to recreate his most iconic moments. With the mode’s inclusion, also meant the inclusion of many other teams and players from the past. If you enjoyed this mode, then you will want to pick up NBA 2K23 as the mode is set to make a return.

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 launched back in September of 2018. The game featured several different modes, including a career mode, a MyGM mode, and online multiplayer modes. It received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the gameplay and graphics. Though many do not praise it as the best in the series, NBA 2K19 is a landmark in that it solidified the base NBA 2K experience. The game mostly nailed everything that had been included in games past, but at the time was considered to simply be “tried and true”.


Sometimes, you just cannot top the originals. While the original NBA 2K launched exclusively for the Dreamcast, NBA 2K2 launched for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube. This move opened the game and series to a much wider audience. NBA 2K2 introduced realistic player abilities meaning taking shots at the right place on the court mattered for specific players. This would end up being the spiritual birthplace for things like player personalities found in later games. NBA 2K2 also added modes, improved the defensive games, and added legends.

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