2K Criticized for Microtransactions in NBA 2K23

2K released NBA 2K23 to much fanfare by fans. NBA 2K23 is easily one of the best games of the franchise. However, fans have called out Take-Two Interactive for its reliance on microtransactions. 

Microtransactions Galore in NBA 2K23

From Madden to NBA 2K, microtransactions seem to plague every title upon release. However, the big wigs never seem to learn. The heavy use of microtransactions has been noticed by many players and influencers alike. Influencer iPodKingCarter noted that it took him approximately 57,465 VC to upgrade his player from a 97-98 overall. He continued saying he spent that much upgrading attributes that weren’t extremely important to his build. 

For reference, I spent 100,000 VC to upgrade my player from a 60-78. Needless to say, it should not take more than half of what I spent on upgrading only one overall. Unfortunately, members of the 2K community will treat this as normal. We are not far removed from #FixNBA2K20. It trended for at least two weeks before Take-Two took notice, drastically improving the game. 

For a game that relies on microtransactions, it really does not give viable options for acquiring VC. MyCareer, though fun, takes an unusual amount of grind to get VC. The daily spins and rewards are excellent additions however unpredictable. 

Take-two has been in hot water regarding microtransactions before. NBA 2K18 was heavily criticized for its use of microtransactions, and it has seemingly increased since.  

Despite the microtransactions, NBA 2K23 is a very fun game. In our review of the game, we believe Take-Two interactive set a new standard for themselves. It improved everything from top to bottom, and the game doesn’t feel as exploitable as before.

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