MyTeam Blog Officially Released With New Features For Current-Gen

The Collector mode MyTeam has become an increasingly bigger piece of the NBA 2K universe over the past five years. On Friday, 2K released a blog from executive producer Erick Boenisch, detailing what’s new in the upcoming current-generation version of the mode.

The highlights of the blog focus on six key areas. Let’s look at those and a few more takeaways.

Shared Current and Next-Gen Collections and VC

Users’ entire collection, VC balance, MyTeam points, pulled cards and tokens will carry over to next-gen as long as it is in the same console family (PS4 to PS5 or XB1 to Xbox Series X).



MyTeam is introducing the Seasons concept which will last roughly six weeks and will dictate the launch of new content in the mode throughout the life cycle of NBA 2K21. Seasons will be free to participate in for all MyTeam players.

Essentially, MyTeam is fully embracing its existence as a live service. I spoke directly with 2K’s executive producer who said, he wants the mode to have life throughout the release cycle of the game.

The Seasons concept is designed to give each segment of the MyTeam calendar a theme which could have some cohesiveness across multiple features such as Triple Threat, Unlimited, and other modes. This is really a massive piece of the MyTeam structure this year as it will likely define the way the mode rolls out content moving forward–even into future versions of NBA 2K.

There were two main objectives with MyTeam Seasons, and Boenisch explains them here:

  1. New prizing updates across most modes every Season
  2. Add something NEW to the mode every Season. I’m going to be intentionally vague here so as not to spoil any plans, so please bear with me. Some Seasons will add new content for you to play (think something like Spotlight Sims), while other Seasons may add new features to the game, or add a reward twist that you will be chasing all Season.

Traditionally, I wouldn’t post everything from a specific section, but MyTeam Seasons is such a massive piece, there were few bullet points I could omit if I wanted to touch on the most important additions.

  • There will be new ‘Vault’ prizes updated every Season in Triple Threat with some additional new prizes added in as well.
  • New ‘Cumulative Win’ prizes added every Season in Triple Threat. When NBA 2K21 launches, there are going to be 300 wins available on the win ‘ladder.’ When you get to that 300th win in Season 1, you will no longer accrue additional wins to your tally, but you can continue chasing the ever-changing vault prizes. At 300 wins you will have already guaranteed yourself the Diamond prize that starts things off. Subsequent Seasons might have a higher or lower win total required to get the main prize.
  • New ‘Boards’ updates added every Season in Triple Threat Online. The ball drop returns, but we’re promised it will move faster this year. In NBA 2K21, 2K added a screen when you first enter Triple Threat Online that will highlight the best prizes available in each tier of the boards.
  • Prizes will update every Season in Unlimited.
  • Domination will be updated every Season in a concept called Dynamic Domination. It will also feature new tiers.
  • New cards added will also be added every Season to the Reward Market.


Badge and Evolution Customization

2K is bringing back badge cards, and allowing you to add them to players so that you can upgrade the special skills from Bronze to Hall of Fame. Also, it is taking the Evolution card concept to another level.

You’ll now be able to customize the evolution path of eligible cards. For example, 2K users can now choose between a few different badges to equip EVO cards as they move up to their highest possible tier. This is designed to make some EVO cards unique.


MyTeam Limited and Unlimited

Limited mode is new to NBA 2K. It will be available every Friday-Sunday, and players will be competing for in-game championship rings. A new ring will be available every weekend and the competitions will have a variety of themes. One week you may be tasked with playing with a lineup that doesn’t have a card above a Ruby. Another week, you may be challenged to put forth a lineup of players who are all 25 or younger.

If you earn every ring in each Season, you will unlock the Seasonal reward for Limited.

In Unlimited, you’ll be competing through nine leagues/tiers. Each league has a specific requirement for advancement and is named after the gem levels in the mode. Bronze League may require you to win three out of 12 games to advance, silver requires four out of 12, and so on until you reach Galaxy Opal, where you’ll need to go 12-0 to claim your reward.

You’ll need to win the minimum number of games to remain on the current level.

Every Season, 2K will reset everyone’s record in MyTEAM Unlimited and will introduce a new grand prize that you will be chasing for that season.


The Exchange

This feature is also new to MyTeam. You can now trade cards that you aren’t using for cards that you need. For example, if you have a duplicate, or a card you’ve deemed expendable, you can exchange it for a card currently available on the Exchange board seen above.

New cards will be added to the Exchange board every Season.

Some of the cards you get from the Exchange will instantly be elite, and others will potentially mature to have more value in Limited. Each card you obtain from the Exchange will have a specific requirement level for the card you use to get it. You may have to trade an Eastern Conference center with a rating of 85 and above, etc.


NBA 2K21 will have a new prize mechanism called Ascension. Here’s how it works:

There will be three vertical tiers of prizes. Each one contains cards that you can flip over to reveal a prize. On every tier, there is a card present that will instantly take you to the next tier. The max prize will change every Season.

You’ll obly have a limited number of picks to use while you try to find the Ascension cards. Some of the cards will give you additional picks, but once you run out of picks, you get to keep the prizes (tokens, MT, free packs, etc) under the cards you have flipped.


IDOLS Replace PRIME Series Cards

Instead of PRIME series cards, this year’s game will feature 15 special release IDOLS cards in premium pack collections. This collection will deliver the first pullable Pink Diamond card in September.

There is a ton more to learn, so I encourage you to tackle the mammoth blog associated with the new additions headed to MyTeam.

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