The 10 Best Point Guards In The NBA (According To Overalls)

The NBA season for 2020-21 has recently begun and fans are happy to have their favorite superstars back on the court. Between the return of Kevin Durant and the loss of Klay Thompson to injury, the NBA is already full of drama, intrigue, heartbreak, and excitement.

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NBA 2K21 isn’t free of controversy, but the game has allowed fans to get their NBA fix during such an odd year. Who are the best of the best in the association, though? Let’s now look at the 10 best point guards in the NBA, according to player overalls.


10 Jamal Murray (86)

The 2020 NBA Playoff duel between Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz was one for the ages. Murray made a name for himself throughout last season’s playoffs and was a key factor in them upsetting several teams. His 86 overall in NBA 2K21 comes as a direct result of that run he had, which ended with his body giving out due to sheer exhaustion. If he can continue that dominance in the 2020-21 NBA season there’s no reason to believe his overall won’t keep climbing up.

9 Kemba Walker (86)

The Boston Celtics are one of the most successful professional sports organizations in the history of all 4 major American sports leagues. This is why Kemba Walker going from one of the league’s worst teams in the Charlotte Hornets and landing on the Celtics must have been such a polarizing experience. The 86 overall point guard has struggled at times in the green and white, but thanks to players like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, Walker doesn’t need to carry a team like he used to in Charlotte and can focus on leading and distributing.

8 Kyle Lowry (87)

Kyle Lowry is a phenomenal leader that has been a major reason why the Toronto Raptors have seen consistent success over the years. He’s suffered from the problem of not looking like what most people think an athlete should look like, but his 87 overall in NBA 2K21 should let uncles across the country know he’s not someone to mess with.

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The term crafty often comes up when discussing veteran point guards and Lowry is the living embodiment of that phrase when it comes to making the most out of your natural-born talent.

7 Ben Simmons (87)

When asked which players are the most overrated Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers is often a go-to answer. The 6’10” point guard is a gifted passer and his rebounding ability at the point guard position is an asset, but it’s hard to be considered a star guard if Simmons can’t shot at all. He currently has an overall of 87 in NBA 2K21 and that’s with most of his shooting attributes being pretty low. Despite being the #7 point guard in terms of overall, Simmons’s 3-point shot rating wouldn’t even land him in the top 35 at the position.

6 Russell Westbrook (88)

Russell Westbrook has quickly become one of the most divisive players in NBA fan circles. Those who love his aggressive basket-attacking playstyle can’t get enough out of the triple-double machine. Others believe that his loss of a consistent perimeter shot have made the 88 overall point guard one dimensional and less effective. Westbrook is now a member of the Washington Wizards, and thanks to the scoring ability of shooting guard Bradley Beal, Westbrook will likely see success in an offense where he can just play.

5 Chris Paul (88)

A case can be made that Chris Paul is the most underrated player in the entire league, regardless of position. After his departure from the Houston Rockets, many people thought the veteran point guard was washed and over the hill. These beliefs were quickly dismissed when Paul led a sub-par Oklahoma City Thunder roster to the playoffs and were quite a difficult out in the postseason. He’s now a member of the Phoenix Suns as an 88 overall who’s looking to help star shooting guard Devin Booker take the next step and make a playoff run.

4 Trae Young (88)

Since entering the league in an Atlanta Hawks jersey Trae Young has been one of the most entertaining players to watch on the court. His energetic playstyle pairs well with his natural scoring ability and as the years have gone on he’s become a slightly better facilitator.

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In terms of offensive skill set at the point guard position, Young is as elite as they come. The reason he has an 88 overall in NBA 2K21 is that he’s not a good defender at all, but if he works on adding that to his game he’ll likely be in the 90 overall range in the years to come.

3 Kyrie Irving (90)

Due to the leadership and postseason issues in both Cleveland and Boston, it seems Kyrie Irving has fallen out of favor a bit with fans. This is partially due to his off-court comments, but also the growing sentiment that he’s not a #1 superstar, but rather the Robin to a Batman. Irving has some of the best handling and creative play-making the league has ever seen and because of that, he has a 90 overall in NBA 2K21. He’s a solid shooter who will ultimately make his mark as a distributor and paint attacker.

2 Damian Lillard (95)

Damian Lillard has a pretty large following despite playing for one of the smaller NBA markets in the Portland Trailblazers. His recent track record has fans questioning if he’s currently the best point guard in basketball, but his lack of playoff success is often the subject that muddies the argument. In terms of NBA 2K21, it seems that discussion is still viable as Lillard is tied with Stephen Curry as the highest-rated point guard in the game. Though they both sit at a 95 overall, Lillard’s 89 rated 3-point shot can’t compete with Curry’s which sits at a 99.

1 Steph Curry (95)

Despite dealing with injuries in recent years, it’s hard to deny that Stephen Curry isn’t worthy of being the highest-rated point guard in NBA 2K21. A video recently went viral on Twitter and Instagram of the veteran guard not missing a single 3-point shot for 5 minutes. This is why his 3-point shot rating in the game sits at a 99 and will likely stay near the top until the day he decides to retire and call it a career. He still clearly has the ability to shoot, and with Klay Thompson’s recent injury Curry will be tasked with leading his team to the playoffs.

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