SGO Weekly: Redout 2, Volley Pals, Kart Racers 3, and More! (10/14/2022 – 10/20/2022)

The SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring more on Redout 2Volley Pals, and more!

SGO Weekly: Redout 2 & more!

Volley Pals coming to Switch, Xbox, and Steam

NAISU announced Volley Pals heads to Switch, Xbox One, and Steam in Q2 2023. Volley Pals is an action-packed, modern-style arcade volleyball game with unique mechanics on each level. In addition, the game features a local multiplayer party mode for up to four players. Game modes range from 1v1 to 2v2, with any number of AI or real players. Each level has a distinct theme to keep players engaged and on their toes.

Pro Basketball Manager 2023 launch delayed

Fans awaiting the launch of Pro Basketball Manager 2023 will have to wait just a little longer. In order to polish and add final touches, Umix Studios announced the launch will be delayed to November 10. PBM 2023 showcases more than 160 basketball competitions with the most depth and authenticity ever found in a basketball management game.

Mutant Football League DLC adds new teams

This week, Digital Dreams Entertainment Inc. delivered a fresh set of roster updates. The updates come as part of the new MFL 2022 season. MFL introduces four over-the-top new teams. Players can grab the new content for $0.99 each on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Additionally, each new team comes with its own deathly home stadium and killer theme song.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway out now

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway races on to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam this week. This fast-paced, action-packed racing game is the biggest entry in the series to date. The game features a cast of 40 iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s huge roster of fan-favorite franchises, as well as 36 themed tracks sporting new watercraft sections, massive customization options, and more.

Redout 2 “Summer Pack” DLC out now

Redout 2

Rounding out the SGO Weekly is the news regarding Redout 2‘s latest DLC. The Redout 2 “Summer Pack” introduces a new environment to the high-speed anti-gravity racer, the Caribbean Dam. This fresh environment includes four new tracks. All tracks are reversible and come in addition to 29 new career events and 30 new items such as liveries, colors, and cosmetic pieces. In multiplayer lobbies, the new tracks will be accessible by all players in a party as long as one player in that party has purchased the DLC.

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