Current-Gen Version Should Have One Very Sensible Feature

The demo for the current-generation version of NBA 2K21 released on Monday. I’m enjoying the gameplay, but as expected, the visuals are pretty much identical to NBA 2K20.

I’m not holding that against 2K. It’s obvious why this is the case, and this was apparent in the gameplay trailer. I believe all efforts on the visual side are being poured into the next-gen versions which I fully expect to knock my socks off.

That said, in light of what we’re not getting in the current-gen version (major graphical improvements), there is one feature I’ve been hoping to see added that would make a ton of sense for this version of the series.

Carryover saves for MyGM, MyLeague, rosters, and Player DNA options would be a major selling point for franchise mode fans.

As of now, the MLB The Show series is the only sports video franchise to offer Carryover Saves, and it’s tough to convey just how useful and appreciated this feature is by the game’s hardcore community.

2K has resisted adding this feature in the past, despite a heavy interest in roster making by its franchise community each year. Every year, fans create massive rosters for the current version of the game, but once the newest version is released, their creations become outdated.

If there has ever been a year to include carryover saves, it would be this one.

Because of the impact of COVID-19, NBA 2K21 won’t have updated rosters until the next-gen version is released. That means fans who get the game when it releases on September 4 will be playing with rosters from the NBA season that is currently in the postseason.

Obviously, that’s not 2K’s fault. However, in an effort to give fans a bit of a fresh experience, or to provide some continuity between NBA 2K20 and the new release, providing the option to bring some of the rosters over would be a welcomed addition.

Online users will have PARK, Pro-Am, and MyTeam to tide them over until the next-gen is released—more than likely in November. This option would be a major nod and show of appreciation for the MyGM and MyLeague community.

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