When Will He Be Added To The Game’s Roster?

LiAngelo Ball, the middle Ball brother between the New Orleans Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets’ LaMelo Ball has signed an Exhibit-10 rule deal with the Detroit Pistons, per The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

It’s a one-year, non-guaranteed deal.

One question on the minds of NBA 2K fans is when will LiAngelo be a playable character in NBA 2K21?


While it would be cool to see all three Ball brothers in NBA 2K21 on Thursday, there may be a snag. In some instances, I’m told 2K has to wait until a recently signed player actually makes the team before including him in the game.

That could be the case for Ball considering the Exhibit 10 rule deal he signed is non-guaranteed. In reality, it’s a little more than a G-League contract. 2K doesn’t have real, licensed players from the G-League in 2K. That could keep Ball out of the game until December 22, or he could simply never get a render made because he gets released prior to the season starting.

Artwork is Another Issue, Initially

Having access to scan Ball in for the game could also create a slight issue. Gaining access to players has been tough this year because of COVID-19. That said, 2K probably won’t allow that to hold them back, as they have contributors and members of the art team who can whip up a custom creation fairly quickly.

If Ball plays well during Pistons camp and in the preseason–should he make it that far–you’re likely to see him in the 2K21 sooner rather than later.

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