What do we know about the new “Jordan Challenge” game mode in NBA2K23 so far?

Basketball fans only have a few weeks to wait before the latest NBA 2K game is released, and the game will have special details that will highlight iconic moments of Michael Jordan’s storied career.

NBA2K23 will have the GOAT on the cover of the game’s Michael Jordan Edition and its Championship Edition, and it will also take players back in time as they relive the most glorious moments of his astounding NBA run through the Jordan Challenge game mode.

Jordan Challenge to have authentic look and feel

According to Visual Concepts vice president of NBA development Erick Boenisch, “The Jordan Challenge is an immersive experience, unlike anything NBA 2K fans have seen, completely rebuilding the challenges from 2K11 and adding five new moments.”

Boenish says that in developing the game mode, they wanted to give players a total Jordan experience by including different aspects that would give it a more authentic feel. This includes the look of the arenas, the players, and the broadcast style of the era of the five-time NBA MVP.

NBA 2K23 caters to newer players

The Jordan Challenge was originally released in NBA 2K11, and the makers of the game thought that it was time to update it, as many current players have not had the chance to see Chicago Bulls star play live, and have limited access to videos of his on-court performance.

The Challenge begins with the first of its 15 unique playable moments by bringing players back to the early 80s when Jordan was still playing for the University of North Carolina. The final experience would include the last shot he made for the Bulls which eventually led to his sixth NBA championship with them. Each step of the challenge will have an interview with personalities who were part of the particular moment in Jordan’s history.

NBA 2K23 is scheduled for release on Sept. 9.

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