Winter is Coming in Season 3 for NBA 2K23

Winter is coming in the newest season for NBA 2K23, and let’s all hope it is better than the final season of Game of Thrones. NBA 2K23 Season 3 brings a cool breeze to The City and The G.O.A.T Boat with new content and events sure to bring fans tons of holiday spirit. Season 3 will feature updates and new content for modes like MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W, as well as new additions to the 2K Beats soundtrack.

Winter is Coming to NBA 2K23


Season 3 brings a taste of the North Pole to The City and The G.O.A.T. Boat. New decorations, artwork, and court designs reflect the seasonal theme of the winter holidays. There are also big rewards in the new season, with a Santa Claus outfit for reaching level 39. Reaching Level 40 offers a tremendous reward worthy of the grind.

Players that reach Level 40 on 9th generation consoles will unlock new Core Badge Patterns. Core Badges are badges players can equip on their MyPLAYER that do not cost any badge points. Usually, players can only equip one badge from the four categories: Finishing, Shootings, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. The new patterns allow players to drop one category in order to equip an extra in another category. The patterns below will be featured in this season, with more coming later in the year:

  • 2 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding
  • 2 Shooting, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding
  • 1 Finishing, 2 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding
  • 1 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 2 Defense/Rebounding


Season 3 brings a host of new cards, events, and updates to the mode as the NBA season heats up. First things first, Free Agent Damian Lillard is the Level 1 reward, which you can add to your squad just bby entering the Season menu. The Level 40 reward is Galaxy Opal Trae Young, the first Galaxy Opal to be released in NBA 2K23.

The fun doesn’t stop once you reach Level 40 though. For the first time in NBA 2K23, Beyond Level 40 returns with more opportunities to earn rewards for your team. Season 3 also gives all existing 99 Star Domination Rewards an Evolution update. By meeting evolution requirements, these cards will become better with updated attributes and badges. The first Dark Matter players also arrive in Season 3. 99 OVR Tim Duncan and Julius Erving hit the court. Collecting these two as well as the 15 other Centerpieces and rare Trophy Case event cards will earn players Dark Matter Larry Bird.

Other Season 3 updates includes the removal of the ability to use Player Lock in Unlimited multiplayer games. According to NBA 2K23’s Courtside Report, this change is due to “anti-competitive trends impacting the wide experience of Unlimited players.” The draft mode has also been changed so position packs now contain cards from a single gem color, making your selection more about playstyle instead of overall rating.

The W

New content continues to arrive in The W Online. This season, the new rewards coming to the mode includes:

  • Dream Logo MyTEAM Card
  • Clothing Bundles
  • Storm Jersey MyTeam Cards
  • Team Extender Boosts
  • Helping Hands Boosts
  • Vicki Johnson Coach MyTeam Card
  • Lauren Jackson Coach MyTeam Card
  • Player Boosts
  • Candace Parker Heroine Edition Jersey

2K Beats

NBA 2K23 has continued to add new music to its soundtrack since launch. In Season 3, two new tracks will premiere for the first time in-game:

  • Lil Pump – Walked
  • Jovanie – Running

The latest Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy track, Corsa, will also be added to the NBA 2K23 soundtrack. Two new beats will also be added, courtesy of producers Kosine and JohnG.

NBA 2K23 Season 3 launches Friday, December 2, on all platforms where the game is available.

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