SGO Weekly: 3on3 Freestyle, K4 Rally, and More! (12/16/22 – 12/22/22)

It’s mere days before Christmas Day! We hope you all have been enjoying the festivities and holiday season. As always, SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring more on K4 Rally, 3on3 Freestyle, and more!

SGO Weekly: K4 Rally, and more!

3on3 Freestyle launches a new character

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Joycity is bringing a special surprise for 3on3 Freestyle players for the holidays. This holiday season, a brand-new character, Double D, hits the court in explosive fashion. Double D enters the fray with an already contentious relationship with ‘Fox’. Double D is a Power Forward with superior physical ability and specializes in inside play. His exclusive skill ‘Euro Step Dunk’ allows him to perform a dunk or a double clutch when executing a Euro Step, which can be useful to shake and break the opponent’s guard. His first passive skill, ‘Bully Ball’ empowers Double D to bypass collision during dribbling and allows a chance to push the opponent away. In addition, the ‘In Your Face’ passive reduces the probability of being blocked and reduces the stamina of an opponent when failing to block Double D.

K4 Rally adds new memorial content

For many, Christof Klausner remains a legend, not only because of his driving style but also because of his car. His signature Audi Quattro, built for rally, now enters K4 Rally as the new “Ur Quattro” as part of the Christof Klausner Memorial Project. The K4 Rally Team supports this project with a special digital NFT edition. All fans can now buy and drive the race car in its legendary design in the K4 Rally game.

Goalgetter: 1 week left to finish Kickstarter campaign

Those who have yet to participate in the Kickstarter campaign for Goalgetter can still do so until December 29. Goalgetter is a first-person football manager game co-developed by the football star, Aílton. They expect to see the game coming soon to Steam.

In other news

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