NBA 2K21 Secret Decoded, More Details Revealed From Package Tease

2K sent out coded packages to some popular influencers on Monday as a part of the first wave of hype leading up to the release of NBA 2K21.

It didn’t take long for the ingenuity of one NBA 2K influencer to kick in and for him to share what was behind the censored aspects of the 2K21 teaser/invitation/package distributed on Monday.

Troydan, who originally posted his unboxing, posted this image hours later.

The NBA 2K Reddit account posted this shortly after as it deciphered what was under the label.

Clearly, 2K wanted gamers to discover the words under the strips. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t have sent it packaged as such.

“The Big Stage,” “Aerodynamics,” “The Energy,” “Their Night,” “Ruin it,” and “Buzzer Beater,” and “The Game” may have some underlying meaning that will be revealed at a later time.

The one area that might have given a slight peak behind the curtain is the “G” reference. Many gamers have been asking for the G-League to be included. It sounds like that is the direction we’re headed with this reference.

That could be an excellent addition to MyCareer, and even more if it also is included in MyLeague and MyGM.

In the end, all the revealed words are is more breadcrumbs placed to intrigue 2K fans about the upcoming release.

The one area that wasn’t revealed is the new name for the Neighborhood.

Under the strip it reads, “redacted.” That word simply means the following in this context:

“to hide or remove (confidential parts of a text) before publication or distribution, or to examine (a text) for this purpose.”

That was a troll of the highest order, but it’s a part of the quality the game’s brand has had that goes from maddening to addictive.

I would say, let the games begin, but it is clear they have already begun. The cover athlete(s) will be revealed in July. Perhaps that will be the next time we receive concrete information on the game.

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