NBA 2K23 Season 4: What is the release date?

NBA 2K23 will be releasing Season 4 in the near future and we can reveal when this great new season will go live in the game.

Many love the basketball game, and it is one of the biggest sports games available right now. Developers 2K has also developed the golf game PGA Tour 2K23 and this emphasises that they are great when it comes to bringing sports to Playstation and Xbox.

With such demand for NBA 2K, we see the developers have to quickly come up with new ideas to keep content fresh and make sure the gaming community want to buy NBA 2K on a yearly basis.

With the introduction of seasons, 2K have managed to keep players excited and engaged, and with lots of new content on the way, it is no shock to see players excited for the release of season 4.

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Release Date for NBA 2K23 Season 4

The developers of NBA 2K23 have not revealed the official release date for the game; however, we can tell you when Season 4 comes out due to the repeating pattern of seasons within NBA 2K23.

Seasons in NBA 2K23 last for a limited amount of time and they all last the same limited amount of time. Seasons are six weeks long in the game, and due to this, we expect NBA 2K23 Season 4 to be released on Friday 13th January 2023.

The time the update will be available to download in the game is unknown, but we don’t expect players to be waiting around too long on the day to be able to download the season 4 update.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer gameplay

When the Season 4 update goes live within the game, the developers will also release patch notes. For those who do not know, these patch notes will reveal all the bug fixes they have done, as well as all the new content coming in MyTeam and MyCareer.

New content that will go live in Season 4 has not been revealed yet; however, we will be keeping an eye out for this new content so be sure to watch this page for any updates!

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