Alone in the Dark is back from the dead with David Harbour and Jodie Comer

Alone in the Dark is back, this time starring some celebrity talent in the form of Jodie Comer and David Harbour.

The pair will be playing the two protagonists that you’ll be able to take control of once the game launches on October 25. Harbour will be taking the role of Detective Edward Carnby, while Comer will be taking the reigns of Emily Hartwood.

There was a THQ spotlight for the game recently. Give it a look!

For those who don’t know, Alone in the Dark was the original survivial horror title before better known genre juggernauts like Resident Evil came in and stole everyone’s hearts. It received several sequels and reboots over the years to a mixed reception. This time around, it’s THQ who is bringing it back for another go.

The game, a third person survival horror game, will put you in control of the Detective Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood as they delve into all manner of supernatural spookiness. You’ll be able to swap between each characters, a la Resident Evil 2. Whether these are totally seperate, of if we’ll get the brilliant zapping system back like a true classic survival horror game, remains to be seen.

One aspect of the new Alone in the Dark that may leave you a tad underwhelmed is how it looks. Sure, the facial capture on the main characters looks decent (you’d hope so considering the talent they’ve hired for it). But the gameplay itself does look a tad wonky. However, a shiny engine is not a guarantee of quality: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Redfall look brilliant on your overpriced PC but they’re proper naff to play, right?

What’s especially interesting is the time at which Alone in the Dark is coming out. We’re still in this period of genuine horror revival in games, with numerous studios looking back at the past for inspiration and IP they can bring back to the forefront. Resident Evil is the obvious one, but you’ve also got Dead Space, System Shock, and a selection of exciting retro-inspired indies like Signalis too!

Maybe this is the perfect time to bring back Alone in the Dark. If you’re curious about it, you can download a prologue for the game now, which covers a bit of the narrative before the proper game starts and introduces all the characters you need to know. Give it a gander on your platform of choice – it’s free!

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