Nintendo: 4.2% of the company’s managers in Japan are women

Nintendo is a little known for their quarterly financial reports, as well as the investor and shareholder Q&As that the company holds when those reports release. Both of these come from the company’s main base of operations, which is located in Japan. It has been the main source of information on how well the Nintendo Switch has been selling.

However, they also release an annual report for the previous fiscal year as a whole. These annual reports are also where Nintendo posts its own findings on things such as the company’s workforce. Sometimes the data they release is good, but unfortunately, this is not one of them.

Nintendo is reporting that only 4.2% of their managers in Japan are women. Not only that, but the company says that the women that work there only make, on average, 72% of what men are paid. According to Nintendo, the former statistic is unchanged from when they first reported it in 2021. The latter, on the other hand, is the first time the company has reported this information in an annual report.

So, why is there such a pay gap? Nintendo is blaming issues of tenure. A lot of their veteran employees are men and an employee at Nintendo will stay at the company for, on average, 14.3 years. In other words, Nintendo thinks it is due to “differences in the length of service and average age”. However, the company later says that “there is no difference in treatment between men and women in terms of salary or evaluation systems”.

Those statistics are specifically for Japan, but Nintendo did provide a little insight on how things are looking worldwide as well. Nintendo doesn’t provide info on pay, including their Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe subsidiaries, but they do state in their annual report that 23.5% of the company’s managers worldwide are women.

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