The official Lord of the Rings special effects studio is making a cozy hobbit game

The spirit of Tolkien’s Shire has always lent itself to the cozy game aesthetic. It’s been a dream of those with a love of all things that grow for some time but finally, someone has decided to turn their hand at a cozy Shire game. And it’s not just any old game studio taking the lead here. Tales of the Shire will be coming straight from the hands of the official Lord of the Rings special effects studio, Wētā Workshop, in New Zealand.

As part of the celebrations for Hobbit Day, Wētā Workshop showed off a teaser trailer in its recent tweet, though it doesn’t give much away. It’s a short and intimate journaling session with a particularly artsy hobbit, who’s making the finishing touches to a watercolour of a monotone character in their notebook. 

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